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LEGO Dimensions – LEGO City Fun Pack Review

LEGO City Undercover was an excellent release way back on the Wii U, and got its deserved rerelease on all platforms early this year. Not to lose out on that hype, Travelers Tales has officially launched the LEGO City Fun Pack for LEGO Dimensions, bringing Chase McCain and a cast of other characters over to the LEGO Dimensions universe. While this obviously isn’t a 1-for-1 remake of the full fledged LEGO City Undercover title, it is a wonderful addition to the Dimensions world, and might even entice those who have yet to play the full Chase McCain adventure, to pick it up and play it.

We previously reviewed the LEGO components of this set, and you can find that article here.


Game Play

If you’ve played LEGO City Undercover, almost everything you see in this toy box world is a rehash of something you’ve already explored, all be it with new puzzles and tasks to complete to earn red bricks. When reading this, many might see this as a disappointment, but I’m pleased that the world of LEGO City Undercover was retained which maintains the continuity between the source material and the LEGO Dimensions release. Even if you’ve put hundreds of hours into LEGO City Undercover – which I have over two play through opportunities – you’ll still really enjoy this release.

For the uninitiated, I hope that this LEGO Dimensions world will entice people to go play the full fledged game. So much of what you see in this Fun Pack builds on the original source material, so certain aspects could be confusing for some. In this world, Chase maintains the abilities the ‘undercover’ abilities he had from the full release, meaning you can play as an astronaut, fire fighter, construction worker, and more. Certain things are changed, however. For example, while in LEGO City Undercover the astronaut is limited to how far he can fly. In the funk pack, it appears as if he has unlimited flying abilities.

What is great about this Fun Pack is that it carries over all the positives aspects of LEGO City Undercover, including the characters – and voice actors as well! – the areas you explore, and the outstanding writing. The witty humor is still here: Construction Workers Chase McCain still spouts of wonderful one-liners, and Officer Honey is as ditzy and funny as ever before.


Despite spending lots of time with the source material for this release, I found myself logging many hours into this world. While some may deem it lazy by the developers to just reuse assets from another LEGO game, I think its brilliant. More Chase McCain is OK with me, and if they want to release a Story Pack to go along with this, I’m more than happy with that! Check it out and let us know what you think!



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