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LEGO Dimensions Wave 8 Unboxing and LEGO Review: Harry Potter and LEGO City

Warner Bros. Entertainment in Toronto was nice enough to pass along the latest wave of LEGO Dimensions sets for us to unbox and review. Usually, our reviews on the website have been limited to text, but this time around I’ve done an unboxing and build YouTube video of the Harry Potter and LEGO City Fun Packs. The Goonies will be done in a day or two. I have mixed feelings on both of these sets, from a LEGO perspective that is. Read on to find out more, and be sure to watch our video! As it is a new channel, we hope you will subscribe as it will be used to supplement the written content we do here on!

LEGO City – Chase McCain and Police Helicopter

For the price, this will easily be the cheapest way to add a Chase McCain figure to your LEGO collection. Outside of promotional pack-ins – which are going on eBay for ridiculous amounts of money¬†– the only other way to secure a Chase figure is to purchase the 44.99 (Canadian) LEGO City Chase McCain set. Now, for a much lower price, anyone can easily add him to their collection, regardless of whether or not they actually own LEGO Dimensions. In one way, this set is fantastic because of the figure alone, but not many people would be happy spending over 10$ for a minifigure. Unfortunately, I don’t find that the LEGO City Police Helicopter adds much to the set.

The Police Helicopter is a fairly basic build without many unique pieces. The most unique piece is the use of a round flat brick which is painted to represent a rear propeller. Instead of using an actual propeller – which on a mini build such as this is pretty unrealistic – this printed piece actually mimics the look that is necessary for any one to go, “That’s a helicopter.” That one unique piece might be enough to redeem the helicopter for collectors and hard core LEGO fans, but won’t be much consolation for those just looking to add to their LEGO bins.

Harry Potter – Hermione Granger and Buckbeak

The Hermione figure isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, and although most of the LEGO Harry Potter sets are retired now, you can still pick up a few for reasonable prices online if getting this figure is high on your list. Still, this Harry Potter set is a nice compliment to the already released Character Pack, which included Voldemort, Harry, the Hogwarts Express, and the flying car. These two LEGO Dimensions sets together look great when on display, and compliment each other nicely, especially when using the Fantastic Beasts portal!

The Buckbeak build is where this set really shines. Most LEGO Dimensions mini builds are not that difficult to complete, the Buckbeak build might make you think twice as you begin popping the LEGO pieces into place. When completed, the pile of LEGO that was once infront of you transforms into a wonderful brick adaptation of the mythical beast. Let’s face it, if you love Harry Potter there is a good chance you love Buckbeak as well. It would have been really nice to get a Hagrid figure alongside Buckbeak as that would make a bit more sense, but understandably, LEGO Dimensions fans would rather play as Hermione Granger.


We will still be looking at the Goonies Level Pack in the near future, but since it’s much larger than these two, it will have its own video and article. When it comes to these two sets from Wave 8, however, I think you cannot go wrong either way. Each set has a unique and interesting aspect that most LEGO fans will want: Chase McCain in the LEGO City Fun Pack, and the Buckbeak mini build in the Harry Potter Fun Pack. Will you be picking these up? Which will you build and play first?


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