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LEGO Dimensions – The Goonies Level Pack

If you haven’t seen the Goonies movie you are doing an incredible disservice to yourself. Stop what you are doing, stop reading this review, and go watch it. Then come back. Through various levels, the developers behind LEGO Dimensions have done an excellent job recreating the Goonies movie in LEGO form, allowing you to play as various Goonies and the main man Sloth, as you finish the adventure, collect red bricks, and explore every inch of the world.

We’ve recently uploaded a video and did a review of the LEGO Components of The Goonies Level Pack, so definitely go check that out here. We loved One Eyed Willy’s Pirate Ship, calling it once of the best mini builds since we got the Hogwarts Express in the Harry Potter Level Pack!


The Goonies release is a continuation of LEGO Dimensions attempting to cater to an older audience with their game. When you consider the recent releases of Knight Rider, Mission Impossible, and now the Goonies, it’s not hard to see who these sets and levels are aimed at. Trust me, it is not kids under 10! My seven year old son was initially disinterested in The Goonies Level Pack, and if it wasn’t for the One Eyed Willy’s Pirate Ship mini build, I doubt he would have wanted to open it at all. After a quick screening of the movie, however, he was ready to jump in and explore.

A few things did shock me as I played through the roughly three to four hour adventure: there is very little combat to be had here, which technically does fit with the story arch of the movie. Until the final fight with the Fratelli, there is no combat what-so-ever to take part in while playing through the levels. This is pretty unlike TT Games, but when you think about the source material, it does make a whole lot of sense.

The puzzles are as engaging as ever in this Level Pack, and TT Games has tried to delicately strike a balance between ease of completion for kids, but sense of difficulty for adults. The puzzles this time around lean more towards kids than adults – as my son had no problem completing any of them – but brick smashing and stud collecting is sure to keep even the oldest of players engaged throughout.

The mini builds within the game are fairly interesting, with the Skeleton Organ used to open hidden entrances or unlocking other mysterious. One Eyed Willy’s Pirate Ship is a bit more awkward of a vehicle however, especially when you see it bouncing around on land and being used for its cannon strength.

Overall, this Level Pack is pretty good, although it caters to a very specific audience. For the pieces included in the set alone, however, I think it is a worthwhile purchase, whether you plan to play the levels or not!


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