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LEGO Dimensions Wave 8 Unboxing and Build: The Goonies

After getting all his chores complete and his homework finished, the highlight of my sons evening last night was busting open The Goonies level pack for LEGO Dimensions and putting together the wicked looking minibuilds that come included. While my overall knowledge of The Goonies is fairly minimal, you cannot help but appreciate how much detail goes in to One Eyed Willy’s Pirate Ship and the Skeleton Organ. Watch the unboxing and build video below, and then read our thoughts on the LEGO portion of this LEGO Dimensions Level Pack!


I have to lament that this Level Pack doesn’t come with many exclusive pieces to add to your LEGO collection. The notable exception to that statement, however, is the Sloth minifigure that is included. If you want this figure, this will be the only way to get him, so even if you don’t own LEGO Dimensions – which you should, because it is amazing – this is probably a set worth grabbing at retail.

The Sloth figure is pretty great all around, with a unique hair piece and unique body that give him that iconic Goonies look. When on the shelf, he actually pops next to the other figures, thanks to his Superman tShirt. I would argue that unless you are a huge Goonies fan, it probably isn’t enough to make you purchase this set for it’s LEGO components. If you are a huge fan, however, this is a no brainer.

The Mini Builds

Even though both these builds could be constructed with pieces already available in your LEGO collection, there is something about having a set stand on its own, without borrowing pieces out of your bin. Outside of the Hogwarts Express, I think One Eyed Willy’s Pirate Ship is the BEST LEGO Dimensions mini build currently available, and I’m not sure any other build comes even close. The use of the white fangs/teeth to represent a sale is outstanding, and the way LEGO managed to get so much detail into such a small build is astounding to me. Even if I didn’t own LEGO Dimensions, that set – rather than the exclusive figure¬†– is what would have driven me to purchase this product.

The Skeleton Organ is not nearly as exciting, but the uniqueness of the build is still intriguing to me. I’ve never thought about building a LEGO organ before, but now that I see one it’s pretty impressive. Again, we are not looking any exclusive pieces here, but it never hurts to have an extra skeleton body lying around, which aren’t as plentiful as your regular bricks. I do find the Skeleton Organ a bit of a awkward build when fully assembled – as you can see in the video above – and after my intial admiration for the organ build, I didn’t actually end up liking the way it looked on the shelf. Generally, I always display the items that are on the front of the box,¬† but I think this might be one of those mini builds that gets rebuilt into it’s second or third transformation, before sitting out on display.


Once again, the LEGO Group has done an excellent job putting together intriguing and well designed mini builds for LEGO Dimensions, and this cannot be an easy task. I’m looking forward to seeing how the developers use these items in game!


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