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Jin Conception

We previously looked at Jin Conception, an rpg thats inspired by Chrono Trigger. And now its time to review it. Is Jin Conception for the Nintendo Switch worth checking out? Let’s find out!


Jin Conception is, on the surface, a good game.

Graphically, it looks better than its inspiration, Chrono Trigger, and the battle system is just as good as that tried and true classic. However, Jin Conception does not have a good story.

One of the many things that made Chrono Trigger a classic was its story and characters. Jin Conception throws players into the middle of a story without introducing its characters and without a clear narrative. The story is a mess and the characters come off as very generic.

And the game, overall, takes too much inspiration from Chrono Trigger. Sine scenes in Chrono Trigger are almost lifted out of that game and put into Jin Conception. There are some tweaks but the line between inspiration and copying is blurry with this one.

Jin Conception has the potential for greatness. As mentioned earlier, its graphics are fantastic. It has an excellent battle system. Even its soundtrack is pretty good. I like the music a lot in this game.

With rpgs, though, story and characters are an important element. If you don’t have a good story and good characters to go along with the graphics and gameplay, then things really fall apart.

Jin Coneption is not a bad game though. If you can get past the story and characters, you’ll find plenty of challenge in the battles and some nice graphics and music to experience.

Also Chrono Trigger isn’t available on the Nintendo Switch. Jin Conception is almost the next best thing.

Jin Conception gets an 7.5 out of 10.

Thank you to Jonathan Chin for providing a digital code for this review. Jin Conception is currently available on the Nintendo Switch.


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