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Jin Conception Preview

Chrono Trigger is one of my favorite jrpgs. And I know I’m not the only one who loves that game. Many fans and games developers do too. We’ve seen other games, such as Cosmic Star Heroine, that took influence from Chrono Trigger. The latest to do so is Jin Conception for the Nintendo Switch. Here is our preview of the game.


Jin Conception, out now for the Nintendo Switch, is an rpg that takes lots of inspiration from Square’s classic game Chrono Trigger.

The most obvious inspiration is the battle system. In Jin Conception, just like CT, you walk up to an enemy and a menu pops up. There is no load time or transition screen. There is a charging bar for choosing actions.

Battles move very fast. Its a good battle system and Jin Conception is pulling it off well so far. That said, some of the battles are pretty hard and you may have to avoid some enemies till you can get stronger. Its not an easy game but the battles are fun.


The battle system is not the only way in which the game is inspired by Chrono Trigger.

There are enemies and background elements that seem similar to Chrono Trigger. The world in general has a vibe that will remind you of that classic game. Thats not to say that Jin Conception doesn’t have its own vibe too.

Jin Conception is a very colorful game. There are areas that feel almost like a fairy tale story brought to life. The graphics are really good! Jin Conception feels like an SNES game with an extra bit of detail on top. It is a pretty good game so far. Not everything is perfect about it though. 

Sometimes you will go up to a moving person and talk to them and they will continue to walk away from you as their dialogue box pops up. Also I saw an enemy in battle that got too close to a wall and was actually inside of it while I attacked them. These are minor issues that hopefully will be polished in updates.


The biggest issue with Jin Conception so far is its story. The game starts odd. It doesn’t introduce its characters and then moves on to another character that it doesn’t introduce. It doesn’t tell you where to go. You have to talk to characters in towns to figure it out. Also checking the Story option on the in-game menu will let you know whats going on too.

There is supposed to be some element where you don’t know if a character is your friend or foe. At the moment, the only evidence of this is a Vote opinion in the game menu. It hasn’t been explained yet. I am still pretty early on in the game though.

I am nowhere near a review of Jin Conception yet. I just started the game on Wednesday this week. I will play the game a bunch more and come back with a review as soon as possible. Please keep an eye out for more on Jin Conception!

Thank you to Jonathan Chin for providing a review code for this game. Jin Conception is now available on the Nintendo Switch eshop.


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