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Snake Pass Review on Nintendo Switch

Snake Pass on Nintendo Switch

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Although Snake Pass will be available on a variety of platforms, I’ve noticed that the Switch version seems to be getting the most love on the Internet. I think this is for good reason, as Snake Pass is a great game to take on the go, as it feels more like a mobile launch than a full fledge console title.


I mean no disrespect to the developers when I make that claim, and I think if you don’t own a Nintendo Switch, you still should try to get your hands on a copy of Snake Pass for whatever platform you do own. For me, Snake Pass is different, and it’s physics based puzzles are too fun to not explore!

Snake Pass is best played on the handheld unit, as I like having the experience right up near my face, as opposed to on a giant screen. For the most relaxing experience, I definitely recommend playing a television as you can take in the beautiful scenery that your snake pal will slither through. But for those more intense puzzle moments, where you are clinging on to a stick over a giant chasm, I love having the experience up so close that I feel like I’m in it!

Whether it’s a coincidence or not, when playing Snake Pass on my television, and when getting into a particularly difficult spot where I’m trying to reach one of the games many collectibles, I’ll often un-dock the unit and get up close and personal with it. I always find the solution this way. I’m sure there is nothing scientific to back up my claim, and perhaps I’m just completely crazy, but it does feel easier for me to see what is in my near vicinity, what I can perhaps lock onto, and how I can get out.

There is a lot to love about Snake Pass, but it all begins with the unique physics style that makes a stack of bamboo poles incredibly difficult to sort out. The use of the snake as the playable characters not only makes Snake Pass fun and challenging, but also incredibly unique. In a world full of similar collectaton titles, it’s really great to see one specific title stand out. You likely haven’t played anything like Snake Pass before in your life, and you likely won’t again for a long time, making this a must own for any Nintendo Switch owner.

What’s also great about Snake Pass is that it can be played in bits. While levels can get pretty large and the puzzles will take extra time to solve, you are always looking for the same things – blue orbs, 5 coins, and the three gems to activate the exit. The very structured nature of each levels means Snake Pass is one of the ultimate 5 – 10 minute experience games. That’s not to say you couldn’t play for hours, but if you are in the car, waiting to grab your son from school in the parking lot, you can easily bust out a level or two before having to focus on your parental duties. I say this from experience.

Again, Snake Pass is a must play experience, but if you have the option to grab this on the Nintendo Switch – regardless of which platforms you have in your home – I highly recommend it!



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