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Kirby Star Allies Tips for Beginners

Kirby Star Allies has been available at retail and via the Nintendo eShop for a number of hours now, and many people are likely to be diving into this experience this weekend. We’ve compiled a few tips from our play through that might help you maximize the fun you’ll have with the game. Check them out below, and let us know what things you would suggest!


Familiarize Yourself with Controls

There is no time limit in Kirby Star Allies, so there is no reason to rush through a level, especially the first level. When you find a new friend, make sure to fully understand their move sets and abilities before pressing on. Although you can mash your way through this adventure, it’s much more fun if you are methodical in the moves and decisions you make. Taking the time to learn about who’s adventuring with you is incredibly important, and that leads us too…

Experiment with your Friends Abilities

As per the chart below, there are a ton of different friend types you can find in Kirby Star Allies, a number of which are elemental – fire, ice, etc. Understand the moves and abilities of your friends will be key in finding secret areas and rainbow puzzle pieces. On top of that, finding out what happens when you turn a yo-yo on fire, or make a water sword, will help you assess situations down the road much faster. As we discussed in tip #1, there is no time limit, so have fun with all the different combinations!


Don’t Ignore Puzzle Pieces or Hidden Switches

While the puzzle pieces may seem like random, useless collectibles, you definitely want to find them all as when you complete the pictures, cool things will unlock! Also, make sure you find those hidden switches within levels. Not only will they unlock extra stages for you to play, but here are also switches that open up the Dream Palaces, which is a MUST do for any hard core Kirby fan. The special friends you can recruit from these palaces are extraordinary, and make playing the game so much more fun!


To get the most out of Kirby, those are our top 3 tips! What are yours? Want to watch some game play of Kirby Star Allies? Check out our Let’s Play article featuring Abdallah!


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