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Follow Abdallah’s Lets Play of Kirby Star Allies and You Could Win!

Our good friend Abdallah has been feverishly working on Kirby Star Allies content for his YouTube channel, and during the wee hours of the morning, his first episode was hitting the tubes! Not only is Abdallah doing an entire Let’s Play of the game, but he is also holding a contest to give one of his lucky viewers a copy of the game! Check out episode one below, and more details about his channel.


From Abdallah’s YouTube:

Welcome to my HD 1080p 60fps, Webcam Picture-In-Picture, family-friendly gameplay of Kirby Star Allies!  In this series, we’ll be playing through all the levels, collecting all the Puzzle Pieces, finding all the hidden Rainbow Puzzle pieces, pressing all the hidden Big Switches, showing all the new abilities, and defeating all the bosses!  If you’re excited for Kirby Star Allies, be sure to SMASH that LIKE button and subscribe for more!

Here are the details on how to enter his giveaway contest:

If you’d like to enter our free giveaway, do the following:
1. Click the LIKE button on the videos, starting with the one above (Episode 1)
2. Answer the Question of the Day in the comments
3. Share the video on Social Media
4. Visit our Giveaway Site for more chances to win:

Are you ready for Kirby Star Allies! Remember to hit that Subscribe Button and get all the latest updates, and stay with us here on for all the greatest Kirby Star Allies written content!


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