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Bayonetta Review-in-progress Part 2

On Wednesday, we talked about the first Bayonetta’s visuals. Today the game comes out for the Nintendo Switch! And this is really just the perfect moment to talk about Bayonetta’s gameplay. The graphics on a game can be great, but if the gameplay sucks, well, than the game will be forgotten faster then this review-in-progress! So how does Bayonetta play on the Nintendo Switch?


When you use the analog stick and button controls on Bayonetta, this game plays really well. The game does also have touch screen controls, but those feel very gimmicky.

Bayonetta is a very fast game and you may not always know what you are doing in the game. The touch screen controls for Bayonetta do not help the game at all. This game is all about the action and combos. Its really hard to pull off a combo with a swipe of the Nintendo Switch touch screen. Instead, stick to the analog stick and buttons and you’ll have a great time.

I’m not a huge action shoot ’em up fan but I did like the first Devil May Cry when it came out. Bayonetta reminds me a lot of Devil May Cry. The gunplay, especially, reminds me of Dante from DMC. Bayonetta also has quicktime events where you have to press a button really fast. I didn’t find these annoying (theres a good variety). Bayonetta also has insane boss fights!

I won’t spoil any of this game’s boss fights, but wow, these boss fights are freaky. The normal fights can occassionally get a bit repetitive, however the boss fights will keep you hooked on Bayonetta’s gameplay.

Bayonetta really is best played in small doses. And Bayonetta’s story set ups short play times well. Finish a chapter, play a mini-game (what?), and then save. You can also play Bayonetta for hours if you want. There is just so much to do in this game!

Bayonetta 1, along with Bayonetta 2, are currently available on the Nintendo Switch!


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