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Bayonetta Review-in-progress Part 1

The first Bayonetta is coming to the Nintendo Switch this Friday (Feb. 16th, along with the second game). Are you excited?! I would say that some, if not most, of you should be. Meanwhile I’m not a huge fan of Bayonetta, as I hinted at in my preview, but I do think its a great game. My full review isn’t ready yet, but I wanted to do this review in progress to highlight some of the reasons why this game is so great. Lets start with the visuals, which is the first thing you will notice about this game.

blankBayonetta is the best looking game on the Switch at the moment. I think it holds a candle to anything you’d see on any of the other systems too. In fact, Bayonetta is like a game you’d find on the other systems!

It is a fast-paced, action-packed game full of long cutscenes, intense violence, and even a bit of nudity. This game is rated M for a reason. The graphics are graphic in nature. Of course, Bayonetta is not the first game on the Nintendo Switch to be pretty graphic (check out Doom). We are, without a doubt, in a different age of Nintendo games.

This first Bayonetta was on another system. Nintendo brought it to the Wii U and then the Switch. They also did Bayonetta 2 and will doing a third game. If you are an older gamer and like rated M games, then you should be interested in this series. This game has wonderful graphics.

Next time, I’ll talk about Bayonetta’s gameplay. There is nothing else like Bayonetta on the Switch so far!


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