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Nintendo Direct Mini 1.11.18

A Nintendo Direct was rumoured for today but Nintendo never made an official announcement for it. I was starting to have my doubts that we’d see a Direct. As it happens, we did get a Nintendo Direct! You can check it out below along with my initial impressions of it.

I’m not going to hide my opinion here: I was disappointed with this Nintendo Direct Mini.

Yes, I do think it was partly because the Direct was so hyped and we all thought it was going to be a big thing that revealed a lot of games. Some games were revealed in this mini Direct but not at all what I was hoping.

For the most part, we saw a lot of ports in this Nintendo Direct. Some from Nintendo and some from other developers. We did get the announcement of Mario Tennis (ugh) for the Switch and a release date for Kirby, but other than that, the Direct was just port, port, port.

Our editor-in-chief Adam Roffel said that Wii U ports for the Switch are not lazy, but I have the opposite opinion. I think Nintendo is being lazy and just filling in the first part of the year with ports because they have nothing else ready yet. Here’s hoping the rest of the year is better.

Adam also did an article about the upcoming Mario Odyssey update (very lame update imo) and an article about Mario Tennis! You should check those out.

My favorite announcement of this Direct was the Dragon Quest Builders demo! Though Ys looks good and I’m glad Kirby has a date now. Donkey Kong as DLC for Mario + Rabbids was probably the most surprising announcement!Other than that, this Direct was so disappointing. It really just felt like Nintendo threw a bunch of stuff together and gave us a Direct because we were expecting one…

Am I being too harsh on this Nintendo Direct? Possibly. I guess my hopes were much too high for this Direct. I even hoped we’d see 3DS stuff (Dragon Quest 11!). That really was my biggest disappointment. sigh

I will have more thoughts on this Direct next week on More Thoughts From Me column. I may rewatch it again and see if my opinion changes on anything.

What did you think of todays Nintendo Direct? What was your favorite announcement?


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