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New Update Coming to Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey was one of the BEST games of 2017, and received outstanding scores from almost every media outlet on the planet. It wasn’t just because ‘open world’ 3D Mario games had been a thing of the past, but how well Nintendo returned to that gameplay style. The fun hasn’t stopped for Super Mario Odyssey, and in today’s first Nintendo Direct of 2018, the company announced new updates coming in the near future!


The new in-game, minigame called “Balloon World” will pit your Mario against the Mario’s of everyone else around the world. Upon getting the free update and actually completing the main story line – a 5 to 6 hour task for the talented many of this world – Balloon World will become available. In Balloon World, players will be dropped in either Hide It mode or Find It mode, both of which are pretty self explanatory. In Hide It mode, players will have a certain amount of time to hide a balloon within the world. In Find It mode, players will receive the exact same amount of time to go hunting down balloons others have hidden.

A leaderboard will be incorporated into this experience as well, as with all the minigames in Super Mario Odyssey. Moving up in the rankings will depend on how quickly you can find balloons, as well as how good you are at hiding. Think you can be the ballooning expert? Check out the free update when it launches this February, alongside a new snapshot mode and all new costumes!


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