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Story Mode Coming to Mario Tennis

It’s been a long while since a Mario Sports game had a story mode, and for the Mario Tennis franchise, you’ll have to go all the way back to Mario Tennis on the Gameboy Advanced. With the promise of a new story mode, new tennis mechanics, and more, can Mario Tennis return to its former glory on Nintendo Switch? Based on the trailer we got today, we definitely think so!

The biggest talking about after the direct when it came to Mario Tennis was discussions around the games Story Mode. What would it be like? Are we moving around semi-open world? Are there leveling up mechanics for players and rackets? The reality is, we really don’t know. It appears as if the Story Mode will be separated into worlds and levels, but that’s not a guarantee. And while  I don’t expect this game to have any RPG elements, Nintendo can surprise us.

What do you think of Mario Tennis Aces?


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