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Headland is a Pleasant, Colourful Adventure Title

The Nintendo Switch eShop is full of short, shovelware titles that are generally pretty poor. And because there are so many now, it can be hard to determine what’s absolute garbage and what is actually really good. It’s why the eShop needs a rating system. Headland, and action adventure titles set in a fantasy world, is one of those titles that could easily get lost in the mess of the eShop, and while it’s not perfect, I enjoyed my few hours with the game.


You can check out our review of Headland by clicking here. See what Daniel Fugate had to say!

Headland is broken down into multiple levels that seems to sprawl over one, long world. Each level has its own secrets to uncover and items to find. During each level, you’ll collect colourful orbs that will allow you to build certain things around the level – using imagination – or, should you save enough, to open chests at the end of each level, either a large, medium or small.


The gameplay is nothing to write home about, but overall the experience comes together as something worth playing. It is a relatively inexpensive game, and can be finished in just a few hours for speedrunners, or about a dozen or so if you want to find everything. Should you choose to spend time in each level, you will uncover a host of resources that can be used in your main ‘village’ to purchase new weapons. You can also find keys hidden throughout that will allow you to unlock special vaults where treasure – and enemies – lurk within!

I played about an hour of the game over the weekend and streamed it as well. You can check that out above. In the meantime, hop on over to the Nintendo Switch eShop and check out Headland. If you are looking for something to tide you over until Pokemon Legends launches, this could be that title!


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