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A Visit to Headland for Nintendo Switch

Are you looking for an action/adventure game for a kid? Headland is a new colorful indie game that might fit the bill! Let’s check out Headland for Nintendo Switch!


Headland is about a boy who enters the world of imagination to help his toy robot friend. The game’s story is, basically, just the starting point for the adventure and isn’t the best thing about the game.

Its colorful graphics are the games best aspect. Although it isn’t great looking, the color and design of the game is good. The graphics and gameplay are definitely geared toward a younger audience, much like the game’s story.

Headland is starts off pretty easily and gets a little bit harder later on. At its heart, its an overhead Diablo-like game. Consider it a Diablo or Zelda-like experience for kids. Headland has you fighting enemies, solving light puzzles, leveling up, and collecting a lot of objects. There is a crafting mechanic too thats simple to use.

The game does start to feel a little bit repetitive after a while. There isn’t enough variety in the type of levels or the enemies. Headland is a game you’ll want to play in small doses.


Overall, this title is a solid experience. The colorful graphics and gameplay that gets a little harder as you go will appeal to kids more than adults. If you’re looking for a kids first Diablo/Zelda experience, you could do worse than Headland.

Headland gets a 7.0 out of 10.

Thank you to Plan of Attack for providing a review code for this game. Headland is now available on the Nintendo Switch eshop!


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