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A Comprehensive Guide on Case Battle: How to Win Valuable Skins

Are you tired of opening cases through a boring in-game system? Following a consecutive process of buying the key and clicking an “Open” button can get everyone fatigued quickly. But there is a simple yet effective solution for case openers, a Case Battle.


In this guide, you will learn what is the Case Battle and how it is better than a common in-game case opening. You will also discover a little guide on how to enter your first Case Battle and win a stack of skins!

What is a Case Battle?

CS:GO Case Battle is a unique case-opening mode where players have to wager cases. This mode is unavailable in CS:GO client and can be found only on case-opening websites which are not connected to Valve.

The rules of the Case Battle are quite simple: you have to open skins of more value than your opponent/opponents. There are two versions of the battle, for two and four players. A mode for two is, basically, 1v1, while the one for four is a team battle for 2v2.

Players can add up to thirty cases for one battle, but you can go lower if you like. Interestingly, you might catch a super expensive skin like AWP Dragon Lore at the beginning of the battle, which most likely means you’ve won right away. Each case represents the round of the Case Battle, so the game can have up to thirty rounds.

Case Battles are played in special rooms created on the case-opening websites. Thus, you can be the one to make the room and wait for other players or join an existing one.

The Case Battle ends when the last case is opened, and the winner is defined by the total price of the unboxed items. The winner takes all the items he unboxed and the items of his enemy. In the case of a 2v2 battle, the winning team leader (the one who opens more expensive loot) takes his items and the items of the enemy leader. While the second player also takes his items and the items of the enemy second player.

How to Participate in Case Battle?

To participate in Case Battle, you will need to go through a couple of simple steps:

  1. Sign in at the website with available Case Battle. It is a default process taking up to a couple of minutes of registration;
  2. Deposit funds. When an account is created, go to the “Deposit” page, which is found in your profile, and invest in the desired number of funds;
  3. Enter a Case Battle page. Find a Case Battle page at the top part of the interface and enter it;
  4. Join/Create a Case Battle room. You will see a list of available Case Battles. Some of them you can watch (which is a good way to get acquainted with Case Battle gameplay without spending money), and others you can join. If you want to lead the game, press a green “Create Battle” button in the middle;
  5. Add cases. Now, add cases you would like to open during the battle. Remember you can add only up to thirty;
  6. Adjust settings (if you are a battle creator). You can go to the settings to adjust the number of players, visibility of the room, and other essential parameters;
  7. Final touches. Once you have finished adjusting, click “Create Battle” and wait till the players enter. Once the room is full, and cases are chosen, the Case Battle automatically begins.

When the game is over, you will be shown your winnings in items and their values. Later, you can request a trade offer, and the special bot will send all your items to your Steam account.

Why Should You Try Case Battle?

Case Battle is a unique and entertaining way to diversify an old and boring case-opening system. It brings you emotions of competition and feels like a real battle of case openers, which you could never find in regular CS:GO.

Also, Case Battle can bring you extra rewards, which you loot from your enemy. As a result, you can earn loot that will cost twice as much as what you could get from a normal case opening.

But besides getting skins, don’t forget that the real delight from CS:GO is obtained via playing the game. And there is no way to get the most out of it than to boost your performance. But do you know that spending countless hours just playing is not an optimal way to do it? Learn three effective methods to boost your CS:GO skill and become a better player in moments.