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The rating of CSGO tournaments in 2022

Counter-Strike is one of the main esports disciplines, standing out among the majority of other games. CS has a low threshold of entry both for players and viewers.


People of different ages spend time in CS:GO but there are more young players. It is not a surprise that a lot of tournaments are hosted in such a popular game. Some competitions have small prize pools and are not related to the leading ones. But there are big events, to which famous organizations want to make it. Which CS GO tournaments are in the top 5 in 2022?

IEM Katowice

The IEM tournaments are one of the key series during the season. Teams have to compete for a million dollars (in total) at every tournament. The first Intel competition took place in Katowice, Poland, in the second half of February. FaZe Clan was the strongest among twenty-four organizations.

PGL Major Antwerp

Just like in Dota 2, Valve hosts a series of Majors in CS:GO. These are the main tournaments by the developer with a big prize pool. It is not surprising that no one wants to miss such competitions. The PGL tournament was the first Major in 2022. It began in Antwerp, Belgium on May 9 and lasted for almost two weeks. The players of FaZe Clan achieved victory here too. Besides half a million dollars, they won a slot in the BLAST World Final for first place.

IEM Cologne

The next IEM competition was the tournament in Cologne that started on July 5. The remarkable thing is that esportsmen from FaZe Clan also earned the main prize and they defeated Natus Vincere again in the final, just like at the Major in Belgium.

IEM Rio Major

The tournament that was carried out both in the IEM and Majors series started at the end of October. It took place in Brazil and the total prize pool increased by 250 thousand dollars. Outsiders prevailed in the competition, which has become a real sensation because very few people considered the team to be among the favorites to achieve victory. Besides the main prize, the esportsmen have won slots in two tournaments. One of them will finish the year 2022 and we will talk about it below.


BLAST Premier: World Final

The most interesting competition in the BLAST series will be hosted at the end of the current year. The tournament will take place in the UAE. It is pretty difficult to make it to this competition because only the best teams of the season proceed here. Unlike the previous competitions, only eight teams will participate in the world final. The general prize pool is equal to other big events.


Many different tournaments are carried out in CS:GO during the year. They can be divided by level and rank. The biggest and most prestigious ones have a prize pool of one or more than one million dollars. Such competitions are represented in the material above.


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