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Sonic Dash Races to Android


Sonic Dash has been an iOS must-have since it was released, and it’s taken far too long for it to come to Android. It’s now available though, and is free-to-play from the Google Play store in the US right now.

Like almost all 3D endless runners, Sonic Dash tasks you with getting as far as possible without hitting anything. Boosts allow you to speed up or grant extra lives, which help improve on your score. With only the abilities to jump, roll and move side to side, things start off incredibly simply but get difficult before long. It takes real skill to hit the top of the leaderboard, and it’s a great way to kill half an hour here and there.

The more you play, the more you unlock (including new characters) and the better you’ll get. Fans have waited to be able to get a hold of Sonic Dash on Android for quite a while, and, for many of them, that wait is now up. Unfortunately there are places that have yet to see the release – it’s not available via Google Play in the UK yet – but there’s little reason to hope it won’t be available over the next couple of days.


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