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iFruit Reaches Android


Rockstar have announced that the iFruit app originally released alongside Grand Theft Auto V on iOS has now come to Android.

iFruit is a pretty cool companion app that allows you to train your dog, customize your cars and more, all while on the move. It’s a pretty nice distraction for people who can’t manage to go a few hours without their Grand Theft Auto fix. On top of it having actual in-game applications, it also manages to be as thoroughly entertaining and satirical as you’d expect something based on the Grand Theft Auto IP to be.

The download should be now available worldwide and it’s free to download. It’s mentioned quite a lot in the opening hours of the game, so if you’ve yet to play it, you’ll definitely get your reminder. If you have already played it, you might be understandably disgruntled at having had to wait.  It seems odd that it’s taken so long and some are calling out Apple as the culprit.

Either way, it’s now available, and it’s probably worth picking up. Whether you get ten minutes or twenty hours out of it, for the sake of expanding your game, it might just make your life slightly easier.


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