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Racing Is Life And Death in Lifespeed for the New 3DS

Lifespeed is a New 3DS exclusive racing game and it just arrived on the 3DS eshop today. I have been playing the game for review, but my review is not ready yet. I thought that I would provide some early thoughts on the game though. Please check out my preview of Lifespeed for the New 3DS!

Its not often that a racing game has a story and when it does, the story is usually something rather simple. Instead of going the easy route though, the developers of Lifespeed created a whole world and comic book cutscenes to show it off. The result is very good so far! But how is Lifespeed’s actual gameplay?

Have you ever played F-Zero or the recent Indie game Race the Sun? If so, then you’ll have an idea of how Lifespeed’s gameplay works. If not, basically the game is a cross between a racing and flying game. The player controls a craft that flies down tunnels. The craft can get boosts and weapon powerups from floating rings that you fly through as you race. Lifespeed is really fast and a bit challenging too.

I still haven’t gotten use to Lifespeed’s controls. Sometimes I find myself going too far up in the tunnels or flying too close to the ground. I’m not sure if this is just because I’m terrible at racing games (I am) or if the controls are a bit touchy. I can get first place in this game occasionally though, so Lifespeed isn’t that hard. Though I am playing the game on Rookie mode!

Lifespeed has multiple difficulties and multiple modes. I play the story mode a lot, but as I continue play the game I’ll explore more of the modes. I am disaspointed, however, that Lifespeed doesn’t have a multi-player mode. That seems like a big mistake. Racing games are always better with friends.

Overall, I like Lifespeed so far. The gameplay is challenging but fun and the story mode is interesting. How much will I end up liking this game? Well, you’ll have to wait till my review to find out! Please stay tuned to


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