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bbbEveryone loves to drive fast on occasion, wishing for the ideal racing counterpart to pull up alongside them, throw them the sign signifying “the race is on.” You press down on the accelerator, pull your stick into its lowest gear, and race down the street, envisioning a track, crowds cheering, popcorn, and other miscellaneous items flying through the air as you speed by.

The adrenaline is pumping just imagining it when the sight or thought of cops slows you back down to stop. Only if there was a place you could race without any legal troubles or costly vehicles.

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Now, there is! iRacing is quickly speeding to the top of eSports Racing games, allowing you to race real people on your experience level. It provides the ultimate competition in various racing styles–you choose! The best part? You can build a team of racers to swap in and out with as you face your most challenging competitors with up to 60 competitors at once on the track.

If you aren’t already pursuing this game, you better race to the store now or order it online, as your competition is already building their strengths and improving their weaknesses, putting you at the back of the pack. How fast can you make your way to the lead?

Pick your racing style

Do you prefer NASCAR racing or off-road racing? Perhaps you don’t care for either and want to explore more options. iRacing has you covered. Choose from the race discipline, then break it down and tailor it to your preferences.


NASCAR and off-road racing are only two options. You can also choose from dirt racing, open-wheel, or sports cars. Once you are in your discipline, you can narrow down your type of track and automobile. The options allow you to tailor your experience each time and race new competition in each category and subcategory.

Pick your team of racers

Sometimes it seems impossible to beat someone, as races can be long and repetitive losing can kill your mojo. iRacing allows you to create a team of racers and it’s the only racing game that currently allows it! Just like a real-life team race, you can swap out driver positions with team members for up to 24-hours, talk on private radio stations with your teammates, get ranked as a team in the racing championships, and experience what it takes to be a driver, spotter, or crew chief while everyone takes their turn.

Having a team of real players can make any game much more fun, whether you are hunting, fighting, killing, or racing.

Let the game match you with your competition

In the same way, it’s not always fun to play alone, it can be equally as challenging to enjoy the game when your competition has been playing the game much longer than you and continues to defeat you by a landslide every time.


iRacing is switching it up by pairing you with up to 60 racers on the track of your level of experience. This addition will allow you to excel at your racing by facing people who are in range and offer achievable skills while keeping the momentum going to continue improving on your game.


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