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GRCast S02E01 – ‘E3 Wasn’t Really Better, It Just Sucked Less’

Joe Ryan returns to the host’s chair for the second season of the GRCast. In our return episode, we look at the highlights of E3, whether it was any better than previous years and whether Nintendo’s decision to just release their video to the web is the beginning of the end for the biggest week in the gaming calender. 

Also watch out for an exclusive sneak peak of what we’re just thinking might be Game of the Year 2015.



GRCast is hosted by Joe Ryan. His guest today was Mat Growcott. The music in the main show was created by Joe Ryan.

On next week’s episode of the GRCast, we discuss a major gaming franchise. We’ll talk about its history, its place in our industry and its future. If there’s a franchise you’d like to hear us discuss, be sure to leave us a comment or email Podcast[at]

Of course, there’ll also be another world exclusive audio trailer!

For some of the best gaming views, not to mention often hilarious banter and insight, be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes and Feedburner. The second season is only just kicking off, so expect a lot of exciting developments over the next few months. 

Animal Husbandry Simulator

Written, voiced and produced by Mat Growcott


Kevin Bryce – At the Edge of the Sea*

Traditional – O Brother Banjo

*At the Edge of the Sea is provided under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 licence.


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