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Ewin Racing Champion Series Chair Review

Ewin Racing Champion Series Chair

Release: January 1, 1970
Publisher: Ewin Racing
Developer: Ewin Racing
Genre: Gaming Chair, Hardware, Hardware Reviews


Excellent About Rating

Recently our friend Will in Canada had a chance to review the largest Ewin Racing chair available, the Flash-XL Gaming Chair, so we were bit surprised when we were contacted by Ewin again this time from their EU department. After a short conversation we agreed that our guys in Europe should have a chance to test the product as well considering there might be some differences with the product on the other side of the globe. It only made sense to test a different model to give our readers more diverse reviews.

The reason I am mentioning this is that sometimes people forget about some quite important aspects when choosing your chair such as your own weight and height! In all fairness, most of the profesional gaming chair companies have now clear guidance on how to select the best type of chair, but it still can be missed especially in the frenzy of Black Friday shopping. In this review we will try to describe our experience with the smaller size chair in Ewin Racing’s Champion Series.

Shipping and Packaging

The first pleasant surprise came here with the chair arriving extremely quickly and delivered by DPD carrier. Knowing that the box will be coming from Germany, my experience with shipping to Ireland led me to believe that I would have to wait at least week before I got my hands on the chair. I didn’t even have time to check tracking details before the box arrived to my door. Curious enough I quickly checked details when parcel was sent to when it was delivered and found that quite impressive (3 days). Some details of the shipping in image below.


Content was secured well to avoid damage in transit. It is quite heavy as well so you might need some help when lifting and moving around, as well as during assembly.

Assembly, Construction and Functionality

Chairs like the Ewin Racing Champion are quite big so they have to be assembled by the buyer. It is recommended to have two people while doing it, however I did not have any issues doing it on my own. The instructions are easy to follow and after 15-30 minutes (depending on your skill set) it should be completed. Found one difference with the instruction and my actual chair, which is probably due to some models having minor differences, but it was such a small discrepancy that they all have similar general assembly instruction.

All tools required to put chair together are included including a pair of gloves to keep your new product clean. In general I would recommend to use those especially if you have selected some brighter colour theme.


Let me give you some understanding about how these are built and what all the fuss is about spending a good bit of money on just a chair.  Four main base components of the the chair are:

steel frame, molding foam, 4 gas lift system and of course star base. At first glance you might think that this is a very simple build, but there are a lot of adjustable and moving parts that make those chair a comfortable place to sit in. Whether you are a hardcore gamer or an office worker you will feel the difference when using a standard office/computer chair and this one.

So again looking at Ewin Racing Champion series we have all those made from quality materials with good finishing and great visual impression.


With one lever you can recline it to up to 155 degrees, of course you can increase the chair height as well. Tilt control mechanism can change the backrest angle. With 4D adjustable armrest there is a lot of flexibility how it can be set up. (4d armrest images). All those can be checked in details on Ewin Europe Champion Series CPB landing page.


This model also has additional headrest and lumbar support pillows which could help people with back pains to get even better sitting position. In my opinion those are always good to have. I found headrest one especially good , probably because in my previous chair which was quite good and advanced (for an office chair) I did not have anything that i could put my head on.



I think when we are looking at how to create our PC setup, chairs usually have very low priority compared to a desk, peripherals and the computer itself. Some of us realise this mistake very late when we already have problems with our back or neck. So don’t think of a gaming chair as just a gimmick that should look good, it is actually a very important piece of equipment that should be on top of your build list especially if you spend 6+ hours a day in from of a screen. This comes from a guy who spends 8 hours a day at work and then additional 1-5 hours at home and those are already decreased hours from my previous life because my family always comes first! as you can see on below picture…


One thing worth mentioning is that the lumbar cushion is bit too hard for me so I removed it for the time being. As I only had a chance to use this chair for few days I might try to give it some more adjustment later. Again, in my case, I fit in the chair quite well so this is not a must-have and I am fine without it. That is another thing a love in case of this chair- the sheer amount of options to adjust and tweak make it nearly impossible not to feel comfortable.

Worth the price ?

In my option yes! Please remember that beside the visual and comfort improvements that this chair offers you can have a real healthy boost for your spine. Of course nothing will beat getting up and spending less time in front of the screen, but the reality is that a lot of us have work which involves sitting and that is not something can be easily changed.

As mentioned before these chairs are not cheap and prices can vary from 300-450 Euro or even more for some more fancy models, however there might be still some good Black Friday deals available  (20-30% off). On top of that you can always use our code “gamesreviews” which was provided to us by courtesy of our friends at Ewin Racing, so our readers can enjoy a price off on gaming chair all year long with even more discount (and yes promotions can be combined!).




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