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World War 3 Review

World War 3

World War 3 feature
Release: October 19, 2018
Publisher: The Farm 51
Developer: The Farm 51
Genre: Action, Shooter


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8.0 - Gameplay
8.5 - Video
7.5 - Audio

For a game that received so much hype upon its release, with a large number of big-name streamers playing it, we have heard very little about World War 3 in the months following. I decided to take a follow-up look at the game to see the state of play in 2019. Can it shake the pre-launch hype curse, or will it be just another victim of over-excitement and under-performance? Let’s take a look!

World War 3 1

World War 3 is, for new players at least, a very unforgiving experience. You start the game and are immediately (well, after waiting for loading screens and the occasional crash to subside) thrown into the fray.

As someone who has put a solid amount of time into online FPS games, I like to consider myself fairly well-versed in the basic controls and dynamics of that family of games.

Usually, this baseline knowledge results in a better-than-average starting skill level. World War 3 was a serious exception to that rule. Performance issues aside (the game has been plagued with them since its release), I found the learning curve to be a little bit tougher than expected.

World War 3 2

That could be chalked up to the unusually fast gameplay of WW3, or the fact that developer The Farm 51 looked to add a more realistic experience to the game when comared with such games as the Call of Duty franchise.

Regardless, I got past my rude awakening and then started doing my best to learn the maps and work with my team. Those two things are essential to any game in this genre, and World War 3 is no exception.

I was slightly disappointed at the long wait times and after some research, realized that this was in large part due to the decreased player base. As far as I am concerned it is quite normal for a game in Early Access to go through these types of ebbs and flows, so I will not go so far as to say the game is dead and consequently that it should be avoided.

World War 3 3

I truly enjoy the weapon customization aspect of World War 3, as I have always been a big fan of that side of FPS games. The variety of attachments and sights you can slap on your rifles allows for a unique experience with each weapon and provides opportunities for a range of playstyles.

As someone who struggled through every Battlefield game I played, I try my best to stay away from vehicles in shooters, as my teammates are typically the ones that get hurt the most. That said, the tanks in World War 3 seem to used to devastating (if slightly overpowered) effect. Just another sign that the developer was really trying to concoct the perfect blend of Call of Duty, Arma and Battlefield as they were sculpting this game.

Overall, World War 3 is a rough-around-the-edges but refreshing experience for those who enjoy any other FPS games and are looking for something slightly different. Buyers should be aware that the game is Early Access and that bugs are to be expected, as are ebbs and flows in player base. This game is certainly not dead, and we wish it a long and healthy future!



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