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Two Point Campus Review

Two Point Campus

Release: August 9, 2022
Publisher: Sega
Developer: Two Point Studios
Genre: PlayStation 5 Reviews, PS5 Reviews


Excellent About Rating
9.0 - Gameplay
9.0 - Video
8.0 - Audio

Two Point Campus (from the creators of Two Point Hospital) puts you in the shoes of running your very own college campuses. You get to make every decisioning from what classes you will offer, food options, entertainment for the staff and students and so much more in the simulation game masterpiece. I was a fan of Two Point Hospital a few years ago but did struggle on console a little bit with some wonky controls and getting the game to stick for me. However, prior to that Theme Hospital on the PC back in the 90’s was also made by this team and it was a daily favorite for me for a LONG time. So, I really trust the products coming from this team to be quality, funny, and fun.


The game starts off very simple, build a lecture hall, a classroom, a dorm and a library. These are all the bare minimum basics you need to get started. From there you hire your staff of professors (to teach), assistants (to run library and other things) and janitorial staff (to keep things clean and functioning). From there the game gives you small objectives to accomplish but the rewards and progression gives you new things and features to introduce. Ok so you got down teaching. Now you need to keep students well fed, so open up food options. Need to entertain them, open up student lounges and games and such. Two Point Campus does a great job of introducing new features in a way that makes sense and holds your hand to an extent when introducing them to keep new players from feeling overwhelmed.

As you achieve goals you can unlock new items and decorative pieces to help enhance the various aspects of your campus. You also are sometimes challenged by folks coming in to tour your campus for rewards such as money or new students enrolling. You occasionally also get requests from students for specific items on campus as well that you have to satisfy to keep things moving smoothly.

As you move to each new campus you are exposed to new types of classes, things start off pretty normal with science and culinary classes, but eventually you start experimenting with magic, robotics and so much more. Each type of class is equipped with its own materials needed for the classrooms as well as unique animations, outfits for students and such. The game is VERY charming in that regard, it’s always fun to zoom in on the lecture hall and see who is paying attention or who fell asleep or is talking on the phone. Watching the culinary students chop vegetables and then make a GIANT pizza is fun. Even the little details such as posters, doors and the like are customized for the type of course at hand.


The controls on console have been greatly improved over Two Point Hospital. The game is easy to play with a controller, while of course point and click will always be king for these types of games, it translates remarkably well to controller. The game has a decent difficulty curve, it’s not hard, but it’s also easy to get carried away and spend all of your money putting you in a difficult situation for sure. But it’s a good blend of fun and challenging and not off-putting at all.

Graphically the game has (much like its predecessor) a unique style and charm all to its own. Every character is expressive and funny in their own rights, it makes me laugh when i witness a professor dabbing because their class just got an A or watching students play crazy taxi in between classes. Each person has their own unique style, mannerisms, habits and more. It’s fun to just watch as you are waiting to finish your objectives. At the end of each school year, you get a review of how students did, if they are graduating, and how many students are enrolled for next year. During this time, you can use exp to upgrade your classes to allow more students, new items and objectives. You can also expand your campus during this time with new buildings or upgrade and tweak the ones you have without worrying about students and staff to manage. When you are ready you start the next school year and keep growing.

Audio is also a lot of fun in this game as it was the last one, a unique blend of DJ humor, fictional radio plays, and music from fictional groups (that you can even book for parties on campus) all giving the game a joyous happy charm about it. After a while though some of the elements become repetitive and are pretty noticeable but hey when you spend this many hours in a game it’s got to be expected.


I absolutely adore this game and it will be in heavy rotation for me for a long time to come. If you don’t want to be forced to do objectives, you can always dive into sandbox mode and use any of the games assets to build the campus of your dreams as well, giving you complete unhindered access to the game. To get a glimpse of the game you can check out the link to my YouTube channel below and witness some gameplay.



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