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Metroidvania Fusion, An Event Dedicated to Diversity Within the Genre, March 04-11

There is something extremely satisfying to me, when I am playing a Metroidvania. I tried to ask myself today, what makes this particular genre so special to me? I believe it may be because this genre has existed since back when I played on my Nintendo, but we didn’t actually have a name for it yet. I see a Metroidvania as some of the earliest titles of a Zelda game, or even Super Mario Brothers, and the thing is, many might disagree. That’s because a Metroidvania has so many branches to it, that everyone sees this genre in a different perspective. So what if I told you, that Metroidvania fans will have their very own event, showcasing this diversity of what a Metroidvania is these days?

On March 04-11, 2024, for the first time ever, we will have an event on Steam (and later on Nintendo’s eShop), for all fans of this genre. Metroidvania Fusion, an event hosted by the Ravenage Games, aims to spotlight the diversity within the genre. Unlike traditional gaming festivals, this event will focus on showcasing titles that reach new mechanics or pushes the boundaries of this genre forward. “From top-down adventures like Crypt Custodian to music-centered experiences such as Anatine, each game offers a distinctive take on the Metroidvania formula”.

Ravenage Games states that 2024 is basically the year of Metroidvania, and that’s because of the amount of amazing titles that are set to release this year. I mean just the other day, we got the announcement of a sequel to Ender Lilies, called Ender Magnolia, set to release for early access on March 26 on Steam. Aside from this popular title, we are getting amazing games expected to release during Metroidvania Fusion. 

Here are the list of Metroidvania titles that are expected to be released in March (Q1 2024):

  • BIOMORPH – March 4

  • Berserk Boy – March 6

  • Slavania – March 12

  • Rebel Transmute – March 15

  • Ender Magnolia – March 26

  • Pepper Grinder – March 28

  • Minishoot’s Adventures – Late March 2024

  • UNBROKEN – Q1 2024

  • Pine Hearts – Q1 2024

  • BioGun – Q1 2024

Apart from Steam, Ravenage are working with Nintendo of Europe in making a Metroidvania Fusion event on Nintendo eShop in April (further news to follow).

This is the first time we are getting an event like this and I feel like its a real treat for lovers of this genre. The news of this event hasn’t spread through every corner of the gaming community yet, so definitely spread the word so that we can all participate and keep having further events such as these again next year. Also, check out Ravenage twitter page, as well as their Facebook page for further information or any updated news of this event. You can also learn more about the page on their official website.



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