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Roots of Pacha Review

Roots of Pacha

Release: November 27, 2023
Publisher: Soda Den
Developer: Soda Den
Genre: Roguelike, Sim, Switch Reviews


Excellent About Rating
9.0 - Gameplay
9.0 - Video
9.0 - Audio

Cozy games have taken over the Nintendo Switch, and for good reason – it is the perfect system to cozy up on the couch with to play long sessions. Roots of Pacha has been available on PC for a good long while now, and when it launched there we had a great time with it! You can read our thoughts of the PC release here .


For a good overview of the game, we suggest you check out our review of the PC version linked above. It’s a great simulation game with tons of people to interact with, crops to grow, animals to befriend, and so much more. It’s such a fantastic experience and one of my favourite cozy games released this year. There is more depth than I would have imagined, and so much room for growth should the developers want to extend it further.

I love the unique structure of the game, placing items in the communal pot at the centre of town. Your town will grow – albeit slowly – whether you contribute or not, but I love that they included contributions from others in the village to help with growth. It’s a great system that probably works into the cave-man theme really well. It’s not so much about an economy in this game, at least not an economy that revolves around money.

On the Nintendo Switch, the game runs incredibly well. I have had very little issue when moving throughout the world, doing the various minigames, and more. While it is obvious that the minigames were built for a mouse and keyboard, they translate well to a controller, and while there are some frustrating moments, it’s not anything you cannot overcome.

As we mentioned previously in our PC review, the game is still very light on hand holding. There are still a lot of things you are going to need to figure out yourself, despite the plethora of tutorial screens that continue to popup as you open up and unlock new things.

Graphically, the game is phenomenal. The look works well with the theme of the game. The audio is also a high point, from the sound effects of the world – birds chirping, animals talking, etc – to the subtle tunes that continue to run in the background. While the music lacks variety, it’s still a great little jingle that I haven’t turned off (yet).


If you are looking for a cozy game to get you through the holiday season this year, Roots of Pacha should be at the top of your list. It’s a fantastic game with only a few small and minor faults. The overall feel and look on Nintendo Switch emulates the PC well, and while you know it was originally built for mouse and keyboard, it translates to the Joy-Con well. It’s not a perfect experience because of that transition, but it’s still pretty damn good.



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