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Bomb Chicken Review

Bomb Chicken

Release: July 12, 2018
Publisher: Nitrome
Developer: Nitrome
Genre: Genres, Indie, Nintendo Switch Categories, Platformer, Puzzle, Switch Reviews
PEGI: 10+


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8.5 - Gameplay
8.0 - Video
8.0 - Audio

Thanks to a freak accident, a chicken suddenly doesn’t lay eggs anymore…he lays bombs! Bomb Chicken for the Nintendo Switch is an odd game. I wrote about it in a preview. And now my review is done and we can finally find out: which came first the bomb or the chicken? Wait. No. We’ll find out whether or not I recommend this game!

There isn’t much of a story to Bomb Chicken but that shouldn’t be a surprise: this game is a puzzle platformer afterall. Puzzle platformers, platformers in general really, are not known for their stories.

What they are known for, however, is their gameplay. So how good is Bomb Chicken’s gameplay?


Bomb Chicken a really good puzzle platformer. The bombs in this game are used in creative and very crazy ways. Each level has its challenges and the game gets harder as you go. Bomb Chicken is a hard game. Even so, it remains fun and full of humor.

The way the chicken dies in this game is funny and the ways that enemies die is also funny. Even the game over screen has a cooked chicken on screen that’ll make you laugh. Bomb Chicken is a weird concept. It can’t and doesn’t take itself seriously. So yes, you’ll die a lot in this game, but you’ll have fun while you die.

Thankfully, you will never die because the game’s controls are awful. Bomb Chicken has excellent controls and they are pretty easy to learn.

Overall, Bomb Chicken is a blast. If you like puzzle platformers at all, you’ll want to check this game out. Its a very good looking game too!


I love the animation work in Bomb Chicken. From the enemies to the bomb chicken himself, its all really well done. You do feel like you are playing a cartoon! I also like how each level is designed, with interesting enemy placements, traps, and other stuff. I do wish there was more variety to the background of each level, but overall, I’d say Bomb Chicken was a great looking game.

Speaking of variety, there isn’t much variety when it comes to the music in Bomb Chicken. Still, the music is good. I like the game’s sound effects even better though! The bomb sound effects and the sound the chicken makes he dies are big standouts. Sorry chicken fans. Its true.

Bomb Chicken is a great game. First and foremost, its gameplay is fun and thats what you want most out of a puzzle platformer.


Bomb Chicken is a really fun puzzle platformer. Yes, the game can be hard but the humor and the oddball concept will keep you playing. This is a game about a chicken that lays bombs instead of eggs. You know you want to play it! So go download Bomb Chicken right now!

Thanks to Nitrome Ltd for providing a review copy of this game. Bomb Chicken is now available on the Nintendo Switch eshop!



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