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Bomb Chicken Preview

Let me tell you the story about a chicken who can lay bombs instead of eggs. This chicken is crazy. It blows up enemies, walls, uses bombs to reach higher places, and solve puzzles. The story is called Bomb Chicken. In fact, its the story of a brand new indie game that just came out today. I receivedĀ a review code for the game and I’ve been playing it. Let me tell you a bit more about this bombtastic game.

Bomb Chicken for the Nintendo Switch is a puzzle platformer where a chicken lays bombs instead of eggs. The chicken uses those bombs to destroy anything that gets in the way and can even use the bombs to get past spikes and reach higher places.

Without a doubt, Bomb Chicken is an odd game. A chicken that lays bombs?! Seriously. Yes, seriously. Of course, yes, the game does all this with its tongue firmly in cheek. Bomb Chicken is funny for sure. Its also a pretty hard game so far.

Some of the obstacles in this game are nuts. One level has you on moving platforms and you have to quickly use bombs to get up to another moving platform. Enemies and things falling from above get in your way too. This is one of the hardest levels I’ve seen. It looks like the levels will get even harder from there though.

Bomb Chicken is a fun game. Its hilarous to see your enemies react to the bombs and even to see a bomb blow up your chicken. The game has a good sense of humor. Its a tough game that uses humor and unique level designs to keep you coming back.

I have more Bomb Chicken to play. I will try to have a review of the game next week!


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