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Princess Peach Showtime Review

Princess Peach Showtime

Release: March 22, 2024
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Good-Feel
Genre: Action, Adventure, Family, Nintendo Switch Categories, Other, Platformer, Puzzle, Switch Reviews


Worth a Play About Rating
7.5 - Gameplay
7.5 - Video
7.5 - Audio

Princess Peach Showtime gives the Mushroom Kingdom monarch a new spotlight game. Is it worth checking out? Is it fun? Here is our review of Princess Peach Showtime!

In Princess Peach Showtime, Peach finds herself and some Toads going to a theater for some entertainment. Unfortunately, a new villain picks that time to take over the theater and so Peach has to save the day by going into different areas of the theater and assuming new identities to face unique challenges. And thats the story for this game. Its a pretty simple story. Even so, it does a good job of setting up the gameplay.

Princess Peach Showtime-Peach in the lobby

Peach standing in the theater lobby

The gameplay in Showtime changes a bit with each new costume change that Peach takes on. From platforming to stealth to singing (Mermaid) to Detective mode to shooter (Mighty Peach), the game’s variety keeps each level interesting and unique. The most unique level though is the cooking mini-game. It should be noted that none of these levels are too hard.

Princess Peach Showtime's cooking mini-game

Peach makes a tasty treat

They are all fun and not too difficult, especially at first. The boss stages offer a bit more challenge, although once you figure out the bosses’ move patterns you won’t have too much trouble. This is definitely a kid friendly game.

Clearly, Princess Peach Showtime is geared toward casual fans and younger players. Of course Mario fans will enjoy Peach getting her own adventure too. This game can be played as a quick adventure or a little bit at a time. Its a good game and it looks neat.

Without a doubt, Princess Peach Showtime is a good looking game. The environments, mostly, feel like stages with crafted backgrounds. All of the characters look nice, though there is a lot of repetition when it comes to enemies and non-playable characters. It definitely would’ve been nice to see a little more variety. The music and sound effects in the game are good too.

Princess Peach Showtime's swordfighter

Peach becomes a swordfighter

Overall, Princess Peach Showtime is a bit of light, fluffy fun that casual fans and younger gamers will enjoy especially. If you need something that you can quickly play or play a little bit here and there, this game fits both categories. This is easy game but its also a fun one. Princess Peach Showtime is absolutely a good game and a nice spotlight for the Mushroom Kingdom’s leader.

Thanks to Nintendo Canada for providing a code for this review. Princess Peach Showtime will be available on March 22nd, 2024 for the Nintendo Switch via retail and the eshop.



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