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Naughty Dog Are “Only” Working on Last of Us DLC and Uncharted


It’s nothing to sniff at, but everything Naughty Dog are working on has been announced. There’s no secret Last of Us 2 being built behind closed doors, no Jak 4 on the horizon. This was revealed at the PlayStation Blog when somebody asked whether they would be bringing anything to Vita. The answer was fairly final.

We are not. Just UNCHARTED PS4 and TLOU DLC – The Last of Us: Left Behind.

First you have to presume Monacelli is telling the truth. It wouldn’t be the first time a developer has lied for the sake of a reveal. Love it or hate it, when that AAA bomb hits, it’s nice to be left open-mouthed. Still, if you believe him, that means that Naughty Dog are focussing quite heavily on Uncharted PS4. TLOU DLC will have a decent team behind it, but probably not the entire staff of the full game. It’s pure speculation, but they might well be aiming for a November/December launch for Uncharted.

Left Behind is due in the early part of next year and deals with Ellie before she was bit, before she’d met Joel. It’s mentioned briefly in the game and will be built upon in DLC, although further details, such as length, are yet to be announced.

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