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The Last Of Us discount coming soon to PS Store

The Last Of Us, one of the best games to be released this year, will be receiving a discount during the 12 Days Of Christmas sales on the PS Store.


If you want to treat yourself to some post-apocalyptic adventuring with Ellie and Joel this Christmas, you may want to hold out just a little bit longer before you make your purchase.

A recent post by Content Manager Chris Howe on the PlayStation Blog suggests Naughty Dog’s epic tale will be receiving a discount during the 12 day sales.


When asked by member woodypride if The Last Of Us will be receiving a discount Chris Howe replies with the definitive answer “I think you will be happy”.

The size of the discount is as of yet unclear, however Far Cry 3 (the big game this time last year) was given a 60% discount on the 12th day of sales so expect to see something similar happening with TLOU. The game currently stands at €60 on the European Store so with a 60% discount expect a possible price of €24 or thereabouts. The Store is currently experiencing difficulties so I can’t confirm that price just yet.

Whatever the discount ends up being, it’s great news for those people who have yet to experience the masterpiece that is The Last Of Us.


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