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Hogwarts Legacy – Gameplay Showcase II (Video)

Hogwarts Legacy is getting closer to release. The next gen releases, for PS5 and Xbox Series, will be coming out in February. As the game gets closer, more footage is being shown of it. Yesterday, a second showcase was shown of it. The video is 30 some minutes long. We have it below, along with some thoughts on the game!

Hogwarts Legacy looks amazing!

The second showcase showed off flying on a broomstick and a creature, fighting using the dark arts, and most impressive of all: the room of requirement!

The broomstick flying was pretty cool. I can’t wait to try that out. For more leisurely flying though, a creature was the way to go. Either way of flying was neat. And the open world environment was fantastic. They shown it off with and without snow. The snow was really detailed and added a lot flavor to the open world.

As for the combat system, it looks good! The dark arts were the focus here and so the combat was really fast and more than a bit mean to the enemy. There are going to be a lot of people who enjoy fighting that way. The area shown for fighting was a special place that is only available in the special editions  of Hogwarts Legacy.

Last and definitely not least, the room of requirement was shown off. It was so cool. In the room, you can make potions, clothes, and other items and place items wherever and however you want. And then there’s the other area inside of the room. You go into this area and its like stepping into another world. This is where you keep creatures big and small and you decorate this area too. It looks like a huge outside area. You can place a cottage, trees, and much more. Its very “Fantastic Beasts” inspired. I might spend forever in this room!

Overall, Hogwarts Legacy looks incredible. The next gen version of the game is coming in February with PS4, Xbox One, and Switch coming later. Honestly with how this game looks, if you have the ability to get the game on a next gen console you should do so. This game really looks great in the showcase. I imagine it was either the Xbox or PC version that was being shown. This game will be must for Harry Potter fans and fantasy fans in general.

What do you think of Hogwarts Legacy? Are you looking forward to it?


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