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12 Deals Of Christmas #3


The 12 Deals Of Christmas is an annual festive giveaway featuring some fantastic deals for gamers eager to get games at up to 60% off on the PlayStation Store. It’s been a slow start with both Fifa 14 and Diablo 3 getting only a small discount in the first two deals and things don’t seem to be getting much better as the deals progress. However, Sony has promised the deals to get progressively better as the days count towards Christmas so we’ll stay positive. To be fair, Far Cry 3 was 60% off towards the end of the deals last year, so here’s hoping we’ll see something equally impressive this year.

Today, deal 3 has been announced and yet again manages to leave many gamers with a bitter taste in their mouths.



F12013F1 2013 (for PS3)

First up for today’s deal is F1 2013. One for the petrol heads for sure. This fast paced racer features all the cars, drivers and circuits from 2013 FIA F1 World Championship. Also included in the package is F1 Classics. A game mode in which you race legendary cars in their original 1980s settings. Complete with authentic circuits and drivers from that era.

Multiplayer has gotten some much needed tweaks and improvements, and the Young Driver Test will teach you all the skills and techniques you’ll need to keep up with the pack.

F1 2013
Release Date: Oct 4th 2013
Developer: Codemasters
Metascore: 77
Was €59.99/AU$89.95/£39.99
Now €19.99/AU$24.95/£15.99
Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members



metal-gear-solid-hd-vitaMetal Gear Solid HD Collection

The second deal for today is none other than MGS HD for the Vita. Deal #2 gave mobile players Spelunky for just €5 and now it seems Vita owners yet again get the best on offer in today’s deal.

The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on the Vita may be lacking the excellent Peace Walker (no idea why) but make no mistake, this collection is still well worth having in your collection. Both MGS2 and MGS3 in this collection are identical to their PS3 counterparts. In fact, some say it looks better on the Vita due to the smaller screen.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
Release Date: Jun 29th 2012
Developer: Konami
Metascore: 81
Was €29.99/AU$43.95/£23.99
Now €14.99/AU$21.95/£11.99
Additional 10% discount for PS Plus members




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