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Top Games of 2020 – PlayStation Edition Our Holiday Guide

We here at have been super fortunate to review a TON of games in 2020. So we wanted to round up the best of the best, the creme of the crop. All of these games have been personally used by our team here and come with our recommendations. I will be doing a few of these over the next week, so make sure to check back soon. This one will be on PlayStation exclusive games. We will be doing ones specifically for Switch, Xbox, and more as well!


#1 Spider-Man: Miles Morales

While this game JUST came out, this game will no doubt be one of the top sellers of the year. While boasting a shorter playthrough time, playing as Miles Morales is a breath of fresh air. Mechanics and gameplay-wise the game is VERY similar to the last Spider-Man game, but he is a very different person with his own set of skills and abilities all of which help make it feel like a different game.


From our review:

“Now to stay spoiler-free – yes the game is shorter, the game took me about 8-10 hours I believe to complete and do the side-missions as well. With the plethora of games coming out this season, this was a welcomed thing. Not every game has to be 30+ hours, and Mile Morales never outstays his welcome. Truth be told, however, I didn’t want it to end. But it wrapped up with a great story really representing what it is to be a hero, to be better, to stand for your community. This game, like its predecessor, is a masterpiece and I cannot encourage you all enough to play it. With all that being said, can we let Insomniac Games take a crack at Avengers now? The quality of their Spider-Man games far exceeds that of Avengers.”

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#2 Bugsnax

This game certainly won’t be for everyone, however, if you are looking for something to make you have to think a little bit this is a fun romp for sure. The game is largely family-friendly with all the cutesy bugsnax and muppet-like characters. Everything is voiced out which makes it entertaining for kids. So if you want a game the whole family can sit down and laugh with, check out BugSnax, especially if you are an old school Pokemon Snap fan!


From our review:

One of the cooler things about the game that wasn’t evident to me from the early footage and trailers we saw was the story elements. The Grumpuses you interact with throughout the game are all full-voice acted (and well), have a story to tell, unique personalities, and even feature LGBTQ and non-binary characters. They really are surprisingly well written and are really the stars of the game at heart through the stories they tell and what you help them with along the way. They feature loves lost, abusive relationships, insecurities, depression, and the like which really give this title much more depth than what may look like a very basic game. Also, it’s fun feeding them Bugsnax and transforming them into horrific food Frankensteins, but that’s just me. The entire story takes about 8 hours or so, so the game doesn’t overstay it’s welcome.

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#3 Ghost of Tsushima

This game was a pleasant surprise, from its first unveiling I honestly had little interest in the game. But when it came down to play it I was instantly sucked into the narrative, the silky-smooth combat, and the world around me. I might have spent the most time this year playing this game than any other game, and I don’t regret it at all. This is a strong recommendation for any fan of Japanese culture, combat, or Samurai movies. It’s like playing one, no lie.


From our review

Overall I honestly cannot believe we are talking about launching a new console generation in a few months and Sony has delivered two of the best experiences I’ve had in gaming at the end of the PS4 life cycle. Sucker Punch knocked this game out of the park and delivered another must play experience for anyone who owns a PS4. They brought their own twist to a style of game we are familiar with but truly makes it their own and improves on many of the aspects others let us down with all while using a genre (Samurai) that we don’t see often in a game outside of a fighting game and gave it the care and respect it deserves. Do not sleep on this game, you won’t regret it!

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4) Nioh 2

For the fan of pain and suffering, Nioh 2 is a masterpiece in the “souls” like games. Each move you make has to be calculated or you will quickly meet your end. Typically not a game style I enjoy, but Nioh 2 made a lot of quality of life improvements that were much needed for the genre. A good narrative, brilliant character design, and just brutally hard. This one is not for the kids though, so let’s wait till they are in bed…


From our review:

I am not what you would consider a patient gamer. I don’t like having to strategize each and every move I plan on doing. I want to run in guns blazing (figuratively in this case, there are no guns) and take on anything and everything. Well, you 100% cannot do that in these games and expect to get anywhere really. Every death you should be learning something. Perhaps it’s a combat pattern of the enemy, or the environment around you that you can use to your advantage. Maybe it’s the tell tale mark of a powered up move a boss is delivering. You need to analyze all movements. It’s never been a style of game I’ve been drawn to, to be completely honest. However, I did find the taste of victory here to be very sweet, when I could get there.

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#5 The Last of Us Part 2

While maybe one of the more divisive games to come out this year. Regardless of where you stand on how the story goes, it’s hard to argue that this game isn’t a masterpiece. Graphically, environmentally, and story-wise, it is easily the best games this generation. Again, the super violent and mature subject matter may bring some to tears, so play this one without your kids.



From our review:

It definitely takes something special to get that coveted Game of the Year nod from the industry. It is even harder to be a game that is considered best of this generation. The Last of Us Part II not only does both of those for me, it is literally the best game I have ever played in my 30+ years playing video games. Once again, the development team has simply redefined what gaming is, can, and should be. Simply said, this is a must buy for any gamer out there.

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