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PDP Products You Don’t Want to Miss

Performance Design Products is not just about the Afterglow brand. Although they have many different headsets and controllers to choose from across past generation and current generation consoles, the company also has some other great licences. In this short article, we will be looking at some of the best PDP products I’ve purchased over the past few years.


PDP Disney Infinity Play Zone: The biggest challenge in my home is what to do with all the toys-to-life figures we own. Since we own all three major franchises – Disney Infinity, Skylanders, and LEGO Dimensions – storage becomes a big problem. The options for Skylanders and LEGO Dimensions are OK, but not great. Generally the available cases are too small, or just are not practical. Who wants a briefcase sized container that only holds 8 Skylanders. PDP has launched two separate Disney Infinity Play Zone bags, one for Version 1.0 and one for Version 2.0.

Both bags are identical in their makeup, with just different art designs. I own 3 or 4 of the Version 1 Play Zone bags to hold all my Disney Infinity Figures across all three games. Each bag has a front slot for storing the game, and a slot inside the bag that holds the Disney Infinity base. The bag itself is divided into three sections with felt dividers. On the walls of the dividers are slots that hold power discs. This bag retails for 39.99 in Canada, and is an ideal storage solution. You will often find them on sale for as low as 24.99!

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PDP Donkey Kong Barrel Game Card Storage: Storage and visual flash should never be mutually exclusive, and no one understands that better than PDP. I’ve had a multitude of storage options for my 3DS and DS games, but they’ve never been interesting to look at. Usually, it was a plastic case that would hold ‘x’ number of games. I’ve actually lost a game holder before. Losing your games will be hard with PDP latest storage idea. The DK Barrel not only looks great, but it holds numerous games and stylus’. And this item is popular too! Last I checked, they were sold out on Amazon with no date for new stock. For only 9.99, you can get something that is effective and visually appealing. Your friends will want one! Trust me.


PDP New Nintendo 3DS XL Clip Armor – Yoshi: The one downside to the New 3DS XL was that there was no options to change the face plates, a feature that was loved by many in Japan and Europe. For the longest time, the only New 3DS option in North America was the XL. PDP came to the rescue of those looking to give their 3DS units some flare, and provided a service at the same time. The Clip Armor from PDP not only looks great – I’m sporting the Yoshi covers – but they also provide a great amount of protection to the unit itself. My 3DS XL has fallen numerous times, and while corners of my armor have scuffed a bit, the 3DS itself is in great shape. PDP offers a variety of different plates for purchase, and even though they are clipped on, you won’t notice a huge difference in size or weight.

PDP Mario Travel Pouch: If you are going on any type of trip, this travel pouch is excellent, especially for those who own a lot of games. The case has storage for over 15 titles, as well as room for a 3DS or 2DS, stylus’ and a charger. I’ve used this on many trips. It’s big enough to never get lost, and small enough to nicely stow away on an airplane or in a vehicle.


There you have it. My favorite PDP products so far, and I own so many more. From controllers to headsets, PDP is doing it all. Be sure to read all of our PDP reviews on Games Reviews and tell us what you think of their products!



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