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PDP Gift Guide 2016 – Headsets

Over the past number of years, we have reviewed a ton of headsets from Performance Design Products, and for the most part, they never disappoint. Although their products generally come in on the cheaper end of the spectrum, they always seem to provide way more than competitive brands in the same price range. So how does PDP’s 2016 line up of headsets compare? Read on for more!

PDP Afterglow AG 9+

We reviewed the AG 9 headset a long while ago now, and absolutely loved it. Although we knocked it for a few minor issues, it was still an excellent headset in the sub 100 dollar category. The AG 9 was so popular, PDP decided to bring it back with improved features, and brand it as the AG 9+. Our full AG 9 review can be read here.


Everything we wrote in our previous review still applies in this situation, as I found the AG 9 + is not a huge improvement over the AG 9 from 2015. To be fair, there are slight improvements that do make this a better headset overall, the biggest of which seems to be slightly improved audio experience all the way around. When swapping between my original AG 9 and my AG 9+, I was noticing a bit clearer chat quality, and slight improvements when using both the Pure Audio and Bass Boost modes.

Remember, the AG 9+ officially replaced the AG 9. If you already own the original build of this product, I wouldn’t consider this a necessary upgrade. If you haven’t owned either, this is a fantastic product! We gave it a solid 9.0/10, calling it one of the best audio experiences in the sub 100 price point category.

PDP Lvl 5+

Again, we are looking at a PDP headset that isn’t meant to be the best of the best. However, for 40-60 dollars – depending on which country you are buying it in – PDP has once again created a headset that surpases what you would expect from a headset in this price range.


I strongly recommend the Lvl 5+ to those with a desire for a great, bass experience. The Lvl 5+ allows you to alter how much bass will come through to your ears, and is one of the few headsets on the market with a specific bass control. “As an added kick, a dynamic haptic driver allows you to adjust the bass levels of your game. Feel your games the way you were supposed to.” – from Amazon.

I’ve actually purchased a few more of these devices myself from to pass out as Christmas gifts to my Xbox One owning family members this year. With all the great Afterglow and PDP features – lights, easily accessible mute and volume controls, and sturdy, comfortable design – this is a great value for a low budget. You cannot go wrong with the Lvl 5+!

PDP Titanfall 2 Marauder SRS Stereo Headset

Titanfall 2 has been a big hit with gamers, and PDP teamed up with the team over at EA to create the Titanfall 2 Marauders SRS Stereo Headset. From what we can tell from our own personal tests, as well as the headset specifications available online, that the Titanfall 2 headset is a rebranded version of the PDP LVL 5+ that you see above.


Depending on where you shop, this headset will be in the same price point as the LVL 5+, although some retailers seem to be charging a few more dollars because it is branded and licenced. Either way, this is again a wonderful headset from PDP in that 40-60 dollar price range that should not go unnoticed. For those looking for a good audio experience for an inexpensive price, this is definitely our favorite on the market today.

And having that Titanfall 2 branding isn’t too bad either!

We are waiting on confirmation from PDP that this is a rebranded and renamed LVL 5+ headset. For now, treat them as separate designs with very, VERY similar specifications and audio outputs.


There are lots of great PDP headsets to choose from this year at some outstanding price points. With their LVL and Afterglow products, there is something for everyone in their line up this year. Whether you purchase the AG 9+, or any of the LVL+ headsets, you will not be disappointed with your purchase. You are getting more for your money than you would with most other headsets.




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