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Nioh Collection Announced for PS5

It seems developers will be continuing the trend of remastering and re-releasing games from the previous generation. In a post announcing new details about the final DLC for Nioh 2, Sony revealed that remasters of both games in the franchise are currently in the works.

Nioh Collection

On February 5, 2021, gamers will be able to purchase the Nioh Collection, comprised of both games and all their DLC, for the PlayStation 5. Remastered versions of both games, and their respective DLC, will also be sold individually if you only want one.

According to Sony, these games will feature 4K graphics and run at 120 FPS. One of the nicest features confirmed in the announcement is the ability to transfer save data over from the PS4.

PlayStation 4 gamers will also be getting a complete edition of Nioh 2, featuring all its DLC, on the same day. All of these titles will be available for preorder on the PlayStation Store on November 20 at midnight.

While this isn’t the most exciting news, I think it highlights the continuation of a strategy employed by publishers last generation. It looks like we’re going to be getting remastered PS4 titles on the PlayStation 5 while news titles are being developed. I love that this allows gamers to play titles they may have missed out on but hope the prices are lower than we’ve previously seen.

Are there any games you hope to see remastered for the recently released consoles? Let us know in the comments.


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