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More Thoughts From Me #145: Dragon Quest 11 is Awesome

Last week, I told you that I got a Playstation 4 and Dragon Quest 11. This week, I want to talk more about Dragon Quest 11. What do I like about it? Is there anything I don’t like? Here are some more thoughts about Dragon Quest 11 on the Playstation 4!


Dragon Quest 11 is one of my favorite Dragon Quest games. I don’t know if the game over take my favorite DQ game, Dragon Quest 9, but I do think its already better than 8 or 7 or many of the other games in the franchise. Why do I like DQ11 so much?

First of all, the graphics are breathtaking. On the Playstation 4, Dragon Quest looks better than ever. From the beautiful areas that you explore to the enemies to your main characters, everything looks amazing. And when I’ve thought I’ve seen the best looking area or enemy or whatever, the game surprises me and shows me something even better.

Then there’s the games battle system. Yes, its a turn-based battle system again, but I absolutely love turn-based battles and DQ11 has a really fun battle system.

And there’s smaller things that I love too, like the skill tree which reminds me of Final Fantasy 10’s sphere grid (which I loved) or the new rideable creatures or the game’s plot twist filled story. Almost everything about this game is perfect.

I said almost. You just know that I have a couple of complaints. Its very rare that any game is absolutely perfect and as great as DQ11 is, it is not perfect.

Dragon Quest 11 has a lot of load times. Most of them go by pretty quick but you are constantly hit with them whenever you enter or leave an area. Not only that but the game occasionally pauses when wandering around for a tiny load time (sometimes the maps or the menus have to load too). The small load times in the middle of walking around don’t happen often but when they do, its a bit worrying. I always wonder if the game will get stuck. I’m not use to seeing a game pause like that for a short load time.

Then, there’s the game’s battle camera. Instead of having the characters fixed to one position in battle, DQ11 lets you move your characters in battle. You can leave them in a fixed position but you still will have to change the camera around some to see all of your cast of characters. Sometimes the game will put the battle camera at a really odd angle and you’ll have to adjust it. This isn’t a major issue, but it can be annoying.

So yeah, neither of these two issues are anything big. They are minor annoyances in the grand scheme of things. Dragon Quest 11, overall, is a fantastic game. I am so glad that we got a Playstation 4! I love playing this game!

Have you played Dragon Quest 11 on the Playstation 4? What do you think of the game?

Next week: I’ll talk about the first Valkyria Chronicles, which recently came to the Nintendo Switch! I was going to talk about it sooner but I got distracted. heh

More Thoughts From Me is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed here are mine and mine alone. And now I’m going to go play some more Dragon Quest 11!


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