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Logitech G Cloud – Review

When Logitech announced it was releasing a cloud gaming handheld device, I was instantly intrigued. Yes, you can play cloud games and games straight from your device on the SteamDeck, but that comes with a huge cost. Currently, the only handheld I loved using was the Nintendo Switch, so this device from Logitech was intriguing. Then I saw the price and began to question whether it was worth it or not.


I think we should get this out of the way quickly. The Logitech G Cloud went on sale for Black Friday at a $100 dollar discount, and I’m hoping that price reduction to $299.99 stays. That is an OK price for this device, although perhaps still not a great one. See, the issue most people see with the Logitech G Cloud is that the price of the unit isn’t reflected in the quality of the interior parts. The processing unit isn’t overly powerful – nor does it need to be for cloud gaming, let’s not forget – and much of the other features seem lackluster, including the on-board storage. So why the high price?


I’m not fully sure a good argument has been made to date, but I want to get past the price and talk about the product. If you aren’t into Nintendo gaming, don’t want to drop big bucks (or wait a long time) to obtain a SteamDeck, then this is actually a really great purchase for you, even at the slightly too high price of $399.99. When I ignored the internals of the device, and focused solely on the build quality and capabilities, I was really impressed with how well it functioned.


The Logitech G Cloud is a gorgeous handheld, and it feels really good in my hands. It is perfectly weighted, and never became too heavy over long game sessions. The build quality and overall feel is superior to my Nintendo Switch OLED in almost every way. Playing games on the device is great also thanks to fantastic thumbsticks and responsive buttons. For a handheld, this thing is hella impressive.


I did a bit of everything on my Cloud device, mostly via Xbox Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass. The games ran brilliantly well, whether on my local connection or using my phones data. I recently upgraded to a 50 GB plan, and gaming has been so much more enjoyable on the go. My good friend Jon Scarr has been praising the benefits of cloud gaming for a number of years now, but I’ve never wanted to sit down on a couch or at my computer to play a cloud game. If I was going to do that, why not just play on my Xbox?


And that brings about the question of whether this device is necessary or not. Many have said, “just grab your mobile phone and a controller extension and play that way!” Well this works well – and I’m currently working on a review of the MOBA controller for iOS – it’s not quite the same. I enjoy a good handheld device, and have owned many android devices in the past. Using your phone to play games just isn’t the same, and I don’t think it ever will be. Sometimes the fit of the phone into the controller isn’t quite right, or things fall apart as you play. And, who wants to drain their phone battery when they have other important things to do on their phone like make calls and do work?


I’ll never go with a phone and controller over my new Logitech G Cloud device, and you shouldn’t have to either. If you are looking for something that functions well, and despite being somewhat overpriced, provides a great experience, then this device is for you. I couldn’t be happier with it, and at the right price – like the discounted $299.99 Black Friday price – I would recommend it to friends. That being said, the argument that this device is too expensive for what it is holds true as well. So really, it’s up to you to decide. For me, I love it.


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