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LEGO Dimensions – Adventure Time Team Pack

We recently took a look at the Adventure Time Level pack, and thoroughly enjoyed what we got in the package. The world is beautifully detailed with that Adventure Time esthetic, and the gameplay itself is different enough to make it feel fresh, but still that classic LEGO action. The Adventure Time Team Pack doesn’t add anything new in terms of environments, but brings to life more characters and vehicles from the Adventure Time franchise.


The Builds

Lumpy Space Princess and Jake the Dog are finally here – although lets face it, we knew they were coming – with two new vehicles to boot. These two figures are one of a kind in the LEGO Universe right now, so they are a most own for any Adventure Time fans, regardless of whether or not they have an interest in LEGO Dimensions.


The two new vehicles in this package are phenomenal. Whether you are using the Lumpy Car or BMO – not to be confused with the Canadian Bank of Montreal – you are sure to have an enjoyable experience, both building the products and using them in game.

BMO is especially great; once he is built, it is almost like you have a third figure to play with when putting them on your shelves for display, but in game he acts like any other vehicles, with a few unique features. While building BMO is more interesting than your standard LEGO Dimensions vehicle, putting together the Lumpy Car is much less fun. It is more or less just your standard car build. It’s not bad, but it’s also not exciting and different like BMO.


If you cannot tell by now, I love BMO.


New characters often means new abilities in LEGO Dimensions, and that is once again the case here. Having access to the Jake the Dog is incredibly valuable, especially within the Adventure Time world. Jake’s ability to shape shift will allow him to squeeze, float, roll, and balloon into various areas not otherwise accessible. The learning curve with Jake is a bit deeper as there are many shapes he can transform into, but once you get a handle on all of them, using them becomes very straight forward, almost like second nature.


I wasn’t overly excited about using Lumpy in the actual game. Although I love having the unique character on my shelf for display, I found myself using Finn and Jake more often then Lumpy. Only when I had to would I bust out that purple…puff ball?

The vehicles can be rebuilt in various ways – whether virtually within the game or by actually doing it yourself – and these vehicle variations are better than most within the LEGO Dimensions universe. While often vehicles changes result in minimal in game differences, I found the Adventure Time rebuilds to be wildly different in some obvious ways, making switching between them much more useful then in other worlds.

Overall, the Adventure Time Team Pack is a must own, and goes great with the Adventure Time Level pack. You can read that review below.

“The package includes 102 LEGO pieces, that can be used to construct the Jakemobile, Finn the Human, and the Ancient War Elephant. Like with all of these level and team packs, the two ‘vehicles’ can be constructed in multiple ways.

From a LEGO stand point, many of the pieces included in this set are exclusive to this set, meaning you won’t find them in your average LEGO construction set. Even those without a desire to play LEGO Dimensions will enjoy having these items in their collection.

When you jump into the portal linking the LEGO Dimensions HQ with the Adventure Time World, you will really appreciate the dedication of the developers to recreate Adventure Time in its most accurate way possible. If you are fan of the TV series, or have become invested in the plethora of Adventure Time video games, that art style lives on in this LEGO recreation.

There is a fair amount of content to explore once you’ve entered the world of Adventure Time, but to fully appreciate everything it has to offer, you’ll need to grab the larger and more expensive Team Pack, which not only brings in new items and characters, but also a story to go along with it.

However, if all you want to do is explore the great world the developers have created, picking up this Level Pack should be all you need. From our point of view – as big fans of LEGO, Adventure Time, and LEGO Dimensions – it really is a must own!”




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