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Gaming on the Google Pixel 4 XL

While we love looking at the latest and greatest technology on, we know our largest base wants to know about gaming and where they might get the best experience. Using our great partnerships at Gameloft and others, we were able to test some of the newest and most intensive games available on Android!

It all really begins with that 90hz screen refresh and beautiful overall display on the Google Pixel 4 XL, making every game look incredibly smooth. First up was the graphically intensive Asphalt 8 from Gameloft SE. This racing game ran incredibly well on the Google Pixel 4 XL, with no noticeable lags. Even some of the minor issues I experienced on the Pixel 3 XL and the Pixel 3a were nowhere to be found, although this could have been because of a game patch between when I played these titles.


One game that did not run well on my Google Pixel 3 XL and Google Pixel 3a  was Gameloft and Disney’s hit park simulator game, Disney’s Magic Kingdoms. The number of assets on screen, performing various tasks, is incredibly draining, and slow down and stuttering was a big problem, albeit not a consistent one. One the Google Pixel 4 XL, the game runs flawlessly, with no slowdowns and no stutters, just beautiful Disney greatness as far as the eyes can see!

I took the Google Pixel 4 XL’s large screen over to another title, Rollercoaster Tycoon Classic, and once again, the phone delivered an excellent experience. Whether scrolling around my maps or trying to fit as much of the world onto the large screen as possible, building theme parks on the regular Google Pixel 3a was difficult as the screen size limited the field of view. Even though it’s not really that much larger, the extra real estate on the Pixel 4 XL makes a pretty substantial difference, and this particular game more enjoyable!


Similarly, with the extra screen real estate, was even better than before. When playing most games, the bigger screen has become a positive gaming experience that might not be unique to the Google Pixel 4 XL, but rather unique to XL phones in general. That extra real estate makes a HUGE difference when playing games, but Google’s near perfect display just makes it a touch more impressive here.

Multiplayer games on a single phones are usually limited to board games, and again that large Pixel 4 XL display makes playing the latest titles much more enjoyable. While at home we default to playing board games on the table – or on the Google Pixelbook if lounging on the couches or in bed – my wife and I enjoy playing games no matter where we go, whether waiting for food at a restaurant, or enjoying an evening in the park while the kids play. The Pixel 4 XL has become the perfect companion on these short trips out, allowing us to play our favourite games together, like Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, and Tsuro.


Gaming on the Pixel 4 XL is going next level in November when Google Stadia officially launches. The Google Pixel 4, with the help of Android 10, will be the first Andoird smartphone to support Google Stadia game streaming, and the Google Stadia controller, which means if you have a connection, you can play the latest and greatest titles no matter where you are. That includes powerhouse titles like Mortal Kombat, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and many more!

When Google Stadia launches, we will be sure to put the Pixel 4 XL through it’s paces, and will report our thoughts then! For now, however, rest assured that the Google Pixel 4 XL is a great place to play your favourite smart phone titles, no matter how big or small!


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