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Mega Man 11 Demo Impressions

Last night, a demo of Mega Man 11 was released on the Nintendo Switch. I downloaded the demo, beat the demo, and now I have some impressions of it!


I suck at Mega Man games. I have never been good at games in this series. Though I do like Mega Man, he just isn’t my favorite character (he is cooler than Sonic!).

And so you can imagine when I heard there was a Mega Man 11 demo on the Nintendo Switch eshop last night…I was really excited! I had seen footage of this new game and thought it looked cool. So I was excited to download the demo and see how the game was. I might not want the full game, but it would be neat to check out a demo right?

When you start the game, it gives you an option of what difficulty you want to play. I said “Newcomer”, even though I’m not an newcomer, because I wanted the game on the easiest setting possible. So was it too easy?

No. Not at all. Mega Man 11 is still hard on Newcomer mode. Yes, you do get infinite lives and some angel pulls you out of pits…but you still have the really hard sections. For instance, there is a section that keeps repeating in the demo where you have to race through an area quickly or get destroyed by some grinders. I don’t even wanna guess how many times I did those sections…

However, I did end up beating the demo. The boss didn’t take too many tries and I got to see a cool new power that Mega Man gets!

Yes, I did #BustBlockMan!

Overall, I had a lot of fun with this demo. I like Mega Man’s new powers (especially slowing things down!), the “easier” difficulty is cool (it wasn’t that easy folks) and the graphics are really really good.

I’m not sure if I’ll actually buy Mega Man 11 though. Maybe when there’s a sale for it. I like Mega Man. I like this demo. But there are other games I want more right now.

Have you played the Mega Man 11 demo yet? If so, what did you think of it?


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