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ININ Games Announced Hidden Through Time: Definite Edition Available on November 11th

ININ Games has announced the official release date for Hidden Through Time: Definite Edition developed by Rogueside. The game is a charming point & click puzzle game that will be launched on November 11th on the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 (PS4) This special Definite edition comes with 5 DLCs which can be pre-0rder from European retailers right now.


In the base game alone you will find yourself in the Stone age and discover many different civilizations from Ancient Egypt, the Middle Ages, and the Wild West in beautiful hand-drawn levels. This definite edition is a must to get especially since it will consist of 5 DLCs two of which are brand new.

The 5 DLC that will be included are The Viking Tales, Legends of Japan, Roads to Rome, Aztec Rituals, and Pirate Treasure. You will be able to see a glimpse of each DLCs in the trailer below:

From Watching the trailers, I am looking forward to checking this game out. When it comes to games that take on a historical approach I can sometimes be a geek about it and I can’t wait to play this click adventure game that will take players to multiple places throughout history. Who said learning history has to be boring? While we have Hidden Through time to make it fun.


While checking out the DLC there is something else that will include and that is called level editor which every DLC will unlock 10 new levels and feature tons of themed objects and characters. In the level editor, you can create your levels and share them in the cloud. The levels you create and upload work across all platforms and you can also discover and play other levels that players create with the editor as well as rate their levels. This is a mode I can see myself playing around with it a lot, I love being creative and I can’t wait to make epic levels that I can share on the cloud so others can enjoy and check out. Is this a game that you might pick up? Are you a geek when it comes to History?

You can pre-order the physical copy of the game here.