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Yo-Kai Watch Translation Project: Chapter Three

After picking up a few powerful Yo-Kai to set our parents straight in Chapter 2, we head out on the town in Chapter 3 to stop seals from opening and allowing dangerous Yo-Kai into Springdale! Join us as Whisper chants random stuff to close seals, and so much more!


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Chapter 3

Nate: *Yawn* Wow, I feel like a million bucks! What a crazy dream!

Whisper: You were snoring up a storm all night, Nate!

Nate: I don’t snore….Wait. Why are you still here? ….that all wasn’t a dream?

Whisper: It was not! And I shall be by your side 24/7 now!

Nate: (To himself) Doesn’t sound like I have any choice in this…)

Nate: Oh no! I’m supposed to meet up with Katie today!

Whisper: Well….I guess it’s important to spend time with humans too.

Whisper: So where are we meeting up?

Nate: You’re coming too? … alright, we’re going to Triangle Park.

Whisper: Great! Let’s get going!

Instructions: OK, time to go meeting Katie at Triangle Park.

Mom: Are you going out, Nate?

Nate: Yep! I gotta go meet Katie.

Mom: OK. Tell her I said hello. And look both ways when crossing the street!

Mom: And don’t get into too much trouble! And don’t stay out too late!

Nate: I got it, Mom. Thanks!

Instructions: Receive quests from people displaying a blue speech bubble or a yellow speech bubble.

Instructions: There are two types of quests: Requests and Favors.

Instructions: Fulfilled Requests will be considered complete and the quest will end.

Instructions: Completed Favors may be repeatedly done after the first completion.

Instructions: Clearing quests will give you items, money, or experience points!

Instructions: To view the details of a quest, go to Quests on the main menu.

*Go to the park*

Katie: Oh….Hey, Nate.

Nate: What’s the matter, Katie? Are you OK?

Katie: No. I got into this stupid fight earlier…

Katie: I just totally blurted out everything I was thinking and totally upset my friend.

Katie: I don’t know what came over me! I just couldn’t stop myself! *sigh*

Nate: I’m sorry. Where’s your friend now?

Katie: I think she’s still over at the riverfront. I should go apologize to her.

Kate: I’m sorry, Nate. I know we had plans today….

Nate: No worries! You go patch things up. We can always hang out later.

*Katie Leaves*

Nate: It’s not like Katie to be so down.

Nate: I wish I could help somehow.

Whisper: Hmm. You know what? It sounds to me like this may be a Yo-Kai’s doing.

Nate: You think a Yo-Kai made Katie and her friend get into a fight?

Whisper: Perhaps. Call it my Yo-Kai instincts!

Nate: If that’s true, we gotta find a way to help Katie!

Whisper: Why don’t we head down to the river and see if we can be of assistance!

Instructions: OK, so we need to head down to the river and help Katie and her friend!

*Down by the river with Katie*

Katie: This is so awkward.

Katie: I can’t believe I said all that stuff. It’s just not like me to do that!

Katie: It almost felt like I wasn’t in control, like my mouth was moving all on its own!

Whisper: Hmmmm….yes. Something definitely seems off here.

Whisper: Nate! Look at the student over there! On the middle bench!

Whisper: You can tell he has been inspirited! There must be a Yo-Kai nearby!

Whisper: Search the area with your Yo-Kai Lens, and find that Yo-Kai!

Instructions: OK, so we found Tattletll!

Tattletell: Tell tell!

Nate: Is this the Yo-Kai that made them get into that fight?

Whisper: I would think so! That is Tattletell!

Whisper: She makes people blurt out whatever jumps into their minds!

Nate: So that’s why Katie couldn’t control what she was saying….

Whisper: Watch out, Nate!

Whisper: She’s looking like she got her eye on you next!

Tattletell: Tell Tell! (Let’s hear whatcha got, kid)


Nate: *sigh* Man! Now I gotta deal with yet another annoying Yo-Kai…?!

Nate: As if Whisper following me around like a lost puppy wasn’t bad enough….

Nate: I can’t wait to get this over with so I can go home and play video games.

Whisper: What?! That’s not nice!

Tattletell: Tell tell tell! This is some juicy stuff!

Whisper: Seems like Tattletell is already quite taken with you, Nate.

Nate: Does that mean she’ll become my…friend, then?

Tattletell: Tell tell!

Instructions: There we go, befriended Tattetell and got her medal!

Nate: You know what? It’s your fault Katie got into that fight in the first place.

Nate: You need to go and help her make things right.

Tattletell: Telltelltelltell! Oh Fine! Humans are so sensitive!

Nate: Katie! I found the…uh, I think I found a way to help you!

Katie: Really?

Nate: Yeah, I think I’ve got a way for you to patch things up with your friend.

Katie: Well, I want to apologize, but I just…. I feel so self conscious now.

Katie: I wish I could just say what’s on my mind like I did earlier…

Nate: Ok Tattletell, you’re up! Can you inspirit Katie like you did earlier?

Tattletell: Tell tell! Let’s get this over with!

*Tattletell Inspirits Katie*

Katie: Sarah, I’m so sorry about what happened earlier!

Katie: I said some horrible things that I didn’t mean! Can you forgive me?

Sarah: I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have gotten so mad.

Whisper: Looks like they’re back on good terms. Ah, the joy of friendship.

Whisper: Good friends are hard to find and impossible to forget!

Tattletell: Tell tell! TELL. You got that right, ghost boy.

Nate: They never would have fought it it wasn’t for Tattletell, but still…

Nate: I’m glad they were able to make up!

Whisper: Tattletell seems like she still has quite a bit of energy.

Tattletell: You know it! Let’s race!

Whisper: Maybe later. You know, I’m getting some strong vibes around town today…

Tattletell: Mee too, it’s rom that man I saw.

Whisper: What’s that? You saw a businessman coming out of the school…?

Whisper: And he was muttering something about breaking four seals in town?

Whisper: Then you were suddenly so energized you had to inspirit someone?

Tattletell: Uh…yeah. Something like that.

Whisper: You know what I’m thinking, Nate?

Whisper: I don’t like this talk about strange folks and broken seals…

Whisper: Why would a real businessman be talking about that anyways?

Whisper: I’m sensing an energy trail leading to the post office. Let’s investigate!

Nate: Well, it’s already kind of late. I have to be getting home soon….

Whisper: Oh right! You’ve got parents. Well, let’s not worry them.

Whisper: It’s always good to head home when the watch says its getting late.

Whisper: We can follow up on that strange businessman tomorrow.

Nate: Sounds good.

*The Next Day*

Whisper: Did you sleep OK, Nate?

Nate: Yeah, thanks! I’m stlll getting used ot seeing you first thing, though.

Whisper: No time to chat! It’s raining out, but we still have much to do!

Whisper: Let’s hurry up and track down that odd businessman Tattletell told us about!

Instructions: Ok so now we can tell time with our Yo-Kai Watch! I assume that will put a in-game clock on too.

Instructions: Time to go hunt down the shady businessman!

*In front of the Post Office*

Businessman: Just a little tweak here….and loosen this up there…Nice!

Whisper: Nate, I’m getting a strong aura from that guy. Do you feel it?

Nate: Do you think this is the guy that Tatteltell was, uh…telling us about?

Tattletell: Captain obvious alert!

Businessman: What are you looking at, kid?!

Nate: Uh…excuse me? Sir?

Businessman: Get lost, will ya? I’m busy here with…uh, grown-up stuff. Complicated stuff.

Whisper: That guy’s got suspicious written all over him! Bad vibes galore!

Whisper: We’re on to you, mister! Kind of! Go for it, Tatteltell! Do your thing!

Tattletell: Time to spill dem beans, suit man!

Businessman: Hahaha! Once I undo this city’s seals, I’ll be the strongest Yo-Kai alive!

Businessman: Soon I will no longer need this puny human skin to house my true form!

Businessman: I will absorb all this energy and make the whole world mine!

Nate: OK, I’m not much into corporate culture, but I don’t think this dude is normal.

Businessman: Wait-what?! What am I saying!? Why did I just blurt out my secret plans!?

Tengloom: Arrrh! Since I can’t erase your memories, I’ll just have to take you down!

Instructions: During a battle, you may come across glowing orbs.

Instructions: These are called Wisps! Hit them with a pin to reap different rewards!

Instructions: You could get an item, or maybe your sould meter will fill up!

Instructions: You could get money or EXP points, or even befriend a Yo-Kai more easily!

Instructions: There is nothing to lose, so put a pin in it the moment you see it!

*After the Battle*

Tengloom: I can’t believe I was deafeated by a kid! But you’re too late.

Tengloom: My allies are already headed to the community center. And to the bank!

Tengloom: You’ll never fix the four seals in time! THIS WORLD WLIL BE OURS!

Whisper: Well now, that’s something you don’t see every day.

Whisper: It makes sense now, though…why this city is filled with such a powerful aura.

Whisper: These four seals must be in place to contain a great deal of power.

Whisper: Those Yo-Kai want to undo the seals and take that power! If that happens….

Whisper: The human and Yo-Kai relams will collide! It would be total chaos!

Nate: Seriously!? Chaos like…cats and dogs singing classical show tunes chaos?

Whisper: Well…may be not quite THAT chaotic, but we still gotta go fix these seals!

Nate: LET’S DO IT!

Instructions: Equip an item to make your Yo-Kai more powerful.

Instructions: Special powers can increase certain attributes for a Yo-Kai.

Instructions: But make your choices wisely! Only one piece of equipment per Yo-Kai!

Instructions: Think about the Tribe and Attitude of the Yo-Kai to Equip most effectively.

Instructions: OK, time to investigate the four seals!

*Outside the Bank*

Nate: Could this be the bank’s seal?

Whisper: I think that’s a safe bet. There’s a lot of power spilling out of there…

Nate: OK…what now?

Whisper: I’ll take care of this!

Whisper: This is child’s play for a Yo-Kai of my esteemed caliber!

Nate: So this is just a normal day for you?

Whisper: Normal enough! It’s certainly not abnormale…we’ll just say that.

Peckpocket: What’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is mine! Gimme gimme gimme!

Peckpocket: I want that power! I wanna make it mine! Gimme gimme!

Peckpocket: There is nothing like snatching power out of someone’s hands….GIMME!

*After the Fight*

Peckpocket: You guys are so mean! I haven’t stolen anything from you! Yet…

Whisper: Great work dealing with that little interruption. What a greedy Yo-Kai!

Whisper: Pain, pain go away, come again some other day! Seal…FIX YOURSELF!

Whisper: That should do it!

Nate: I can’t believe that works….

Whisper: I know. Life is weird. But look! The aura has faded away!

Yeah, I guess. So…we’re done here?

Whisper: Yep! Off to the next seal!

*At the Community Centre*

Nate: This must be the community-center seal that Yo-Kai was talking about.

Whisper: There’s definitely a lot of energy here….

Nate: So, uh…we’re going to fix this now?

Whisper: Just leave it to me!

Whisper: I’ll have it fixed in no time! I’ve got more than a few tricks up my sleeve!

Nate: But you don’t have any sleeves.

Whisper: No need to worry yourself with the finer details. Time to fix some seals!

Mochismo: Youze guys ain’t fixing nuttin’!

Mochismo: We’s gonna break down this city’s seals whether you like it or not!

Instructions: Attacking Yo-Kai that are inspirited or Loafing will add to your soul meter!

Instructions: Focusing on them is a great way to fill up your soul meter quickly!

Instructions:  Prepare your soultimate moves by filling that soul meter!

*After the Battle*

Mochismo: No!!! My beeeeeaaaannnnnssss….

Whisper: Phew! That was a close one! Now let’s get back to fixing that seal.

Whisper: Pocus hocus! Oh great spirit seal, get well soon-ocus!

Whisper: Hey! That worked!

Nate: That’s it? That seemed so simple. Did that really fix the seal?

Whisper: Of course. Look for yourself – the aura is gone!

Nate: It just seems like….I could’ve just said those words too…

Whisper: Again, youre worrying about the finer points! Let’s just get to the next one!

Nate: Well, we’ve fixed three seals, but where could the last one be?

Whisper: Elementary, my dear Nate. Remember Tattletell’s story?

Whisper: She mentioned that the Yo-Kai businessman came from the school!

Whisper: Deductive reasoning dictates there must be a seal there! May be!

Whisper: I’m feeling some energy flowing from that direction, as well.

Nate: What are we doing standing here talking about it? Let’s go!

*At the School*

Whisper: Ooh! Do you feel that? This is getting really itense!

Whisper: There’s A LOT of energy here, all right! We must be getting close to as seal.

Nate: Let’s look around.

Whisper: Keep your eye out for a powerful aura, Nate!

*At the School Seal*

Whisper: This seems to be filling the entire city with an odd energy….

Whisper: If we don’t shut this down, the city will be flooded with bad Yo-Kai!

Nate: Then let’s fix up this seal!

Whisper: My pleasure!

Whisper: Wait a sec! Something’s happening. I’m picking up an incredibly strong aura!

Whisper: Brace yourself, Nate!

Slimamander: Who daressss disssturb my sssslumber?

Nate: That thing looks really, really strong! ….and gross.

Slimamander: GRAAHH! Power is sssurging through me….I’m finally releassssssed!

Slimamander: You sssshalll be my first sssssnack in hundreds of years!

Instructions: This is a boss Yo-Kai.

Instructions: You can’t befriend Boss Yo-Kai, but there are multiple places to hit them.

Instructions: Look closely to find out where to aim your pin! Always fight strategically.

*After the Fight*

Whisper: Jeez Louise! That was on tough slimy….disgusting cookie!

Whisper: But we’re safe now. Whoever that was pretty much just saved us.

Nate: I thought that was a friend of yours!

Whisper: Can’t say I’ve seen him before, but hey, all’s well that ends well, right?

Whisper: At least we can finally put this seal back in order.

Nate: OK Whisper, this is all you!

Whisper: Oh Nate, your confidence in me is really energizing!

Whisper: Oh weal, heed my word! And….how about….CLOSE SESAME!

Whisper: Aaaaaand done! The aura is gone!

Nate: Hey, Whisper…

Nate: Is it possible the              e seals kept that giant Yo-Kai locked away?

Whisper: I can’t say for sure….

Whisper: But I think there’s a big secret hidden somewhere in Springdale…

Whisper: Well, we’ll figure it out. We’ve done a pretty good job so far, haven’t we?

Nate: Yeah, we have, haven’t we?

Whisper: I’ts been a long day, Nate. Let’s head home! Time to relax a bit!

*End of Chapter 3*


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