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Yo-Kai Watch Translation Project: Chapter Two

Welcome back to our Yo-Kai Watch translation project, where we provide you with every line of in-game story text in English. Since Yo-Kai Watch is only on Nintendo Switch in Japanese, we felt that providing a video with the translation, as well as the translated text down below, would be helpful!


On Episode One, we learned that Nate can see Yo-Kai by using a special Yo-Kai Watch. With this knowledge, Nate begins to investigate certain disturbances around town, while getting acquainted with his good friend Whisper! Enjoy Chapter Two!

Chapter 2

Nate: I’m ho-ooooome!

Mom: I’m just saying that it wouldn’t kill you to do a few chores every now and then!

Mom: I feel like I’m the only one doing anything around here!

Dad: I work all day, and you want me to come home and pick up a mop?

Nate: *sigh* They’re arguing again….

Whisper: Relationships are complex. Parents can be best friends and worst enemies.

Nate: Why does it have to be like that?

Whisper: That uninvited houseguest of yorus might have some answers for you.

Nate: What are you talking about? We don’t have any houseguests.

Whisper: I bet to differ. There’s a Yo-Kai here, and it’s making your parents fight.

Nate: A Yo-Kai? Really? Where?!

Whisper: That’s what your Yo-Kai Watch is for! Try taking a look through your lens!

Instructions: When you get a strong reading along with a ? on your radar…

Instructions: Press the Y Button to activate the Yo-Kai Lens and take a look around!

Instructions: You just might find a Yo-Kai hiding somewhere near you!

Instructions: OK, so it’s time to find our Yo-Kai houseguest.

Instructions: Looks like we found Dismarelda! Kind of looks like Muk!

Nate: Uh…excuse me…? Hi.

Dismarelda: Why, hellooooo there, dahling! You can see me?

Nate: Uh….yeah. I have this watch that lets me see, uh, certain –

Dismarelda: I’m sorry if I gave you the impression I was interested in your life story….

Dismarelda: How can I help dahling? You’d never kick a lady out into the street, would you?

Nate: No, of course not! I mean, uh…maybe?

Whisper: Don’t be afraid to be a little more direct. We may need to use some force here.

Nate: Force!? What do you mean by that?! You want us to…fight her?

Dismarelda: You would never dare raise your hand to a lady now, would you dahling?

Cadin: Allow myself to be of assistance to thee and…myself. Ready thyself, evildoer!

Cadin: I shall strike thee down with the strength of a dozen hearty cicadas!

Cadin: Never mind. She’s strong, this one.

Nate: You just one-shot him! Cadin didn’t even stand a chance!

Dismarelda: Are you done here, my dear? Because I’m really quite busy at the moment.

Whisper: She’s tougher than I though. We’re going to have to go with plan B.

Whisper: Let’s get out of here as fast as we can!

Nate: You just want to run away?

Whisper: We need to make friends with more Yo-Kai to tak her down!

Whisper: We should befriend at least three more Yo-Kai before we try again!

Whisper: Keep an eye on your radar! Let’s go outside and take a look around.

Instructions: Sometimes when you defeat a Yo-Kai, that Yo-Kai will want to be friends.

Instructions: But you won’t be able to make friends with some Yo-Kai so easily.

Instructions: Feeding a Yo-Kai its favourite food in battle can make it friendlier!

Instructions: OK, so we need to befriend three more Yo-Kai, let’s go!

*Go Outside*

Whisper: Oh, Nate! One more thing!

Nate: What’s up?

Whisper: Since you’ll be battling more Yo-Kai, you might want to take these.

Instructions: Ok, so we received three Plum Rice Balls. These can be fed to Yo-Kai to potentially help in catching them, or our Yo-Kai can eat them to regain some health.

Whisper: You can get more at a convenience store too. Better safe than sorry!

Instructions: Check your inventory in items.

Instructions: There you can select and use various kinds of food and tools.

Instructions: When your Yo-Kai HP is low, feed it food to recover HP!

Instructions: Springdale has many different stores selling various items.

Instructions: For example, at Banter Bakery you can buy different types of bread.

Instructions: At Everymart, you can buy items or sell items you don’t need.

Instructions: Stock up on favourite foods of various Yo-Kai to befriend them!

*Go to Everymart and Walk Up To Eye Po*

Instructions: Eyepo hangs out at Everymart and even some dungeons.

Instructions: If you see Eyepo around, check in to rejuvenate your Yo-Kai!

Instructions: Eyepo can also swap your Yo-Kai medals and access your diary.

*First Battle after Desmarlada*

Instructions: If your allies are in a punch, go to Item and feed them to recover HP.

Instructions: If you give enemy Yo-Kai food, they may end up becoming your friends!

Instructions: Just remember, all Yo-Kai have specific likes and dislikes.

Instructions: You can only give one item to each enemy Yo-Kai.

*After first Battle*

Instructions: Yo-Kai fight on their own by using four strategies in battle!

Instructions: Those strategies are Attack, Technique, Guard and Inspirit.

Instructions: Sometimes they may Loaf around! If that happens, try to be patient!

Game: You can take a look at the help for battles in the info menu.

*Second Battle*

Instructions: The best battle method is to focus everyone’s attacks on one enemy.

Instructions: Pin the enemy to focus your attacks on a particular Yo-Kai!

Instructions: If the pin hits the enemy, your friends will target the pinned enemy.

*Third Battle*

Instructions: Turn the Yo-Kai Wheel to choose which Yo-Kai will fight.

Instructions: Check your enemy and your allies to choose the three best Yo-Kai!

*After getting three more Yo-Kai*

Whisper:  You’ve got some nice Yo-Kai Medals there, but even so…

Whisper: If we’re going to fight Dismarelda, it’d help to have some stronger Yo-Kai.

Whisper: Oh! And what is that…? I believe I’m feeling a strong aura at this moment!

Whisper: That must mean there’s a powerful Yo-Kai nearby! But where?

Whisper: If I’m sensing this correctly, it seems to be coming from….the fish market!

Whisper: To the Fish Place!

Instructions: There are eight Yo-Kai Tribes. Yo-Kai all excel in different areas.

Instructions: Check the Yo-Kai Medal to see the Yo-Kai Tribe.

Instructions: The battle can change drastically based on your tribe combinations!

Instructions: Ok, so we are off to talk to the fish seller!

*Run to Mr. Fischer*

Mr. Fischer: Hey there, kiddo! You lookin’ to catch some fish? Cuz we’re throwing some!

Mr. Fischer: Lately it seems like the throwing has been distracting the cars that drive by.

Mr. Fischer: So keep an eye out when you’re crossing the intersection, OK?

Whisper: Ohohoho, Nate! You know what that sounds like?

Whisper: I bet there is a Yo-Kai at play here! Let’s examine the intersection.

Whisper: Carefully!

Instructions: Ok, so we need to use our lens to search the area.

Instructions: Ok, we found a Yo-Kai!

Jibanyan: Rrrrowrrrrr…

Nate: This cat seems really….uh, tense.

Whisper: He looks quite focused on something. Such determination! Such power!

Nate: This Yo-Kai seems a bit, I don’t know….different from the others I’ve seen.

Jibanyan: Heeeeeeeeeeere it comes…!

*Cutscene starts*

Jibanyan: This ends here….and nyaow….

Jibanyan: Take this, you evil beast! Taste my…PAWS OF FURY!

*Cutscene ends*

Jibanyan: Defeated again….

Nate: Hey! Are you OK?!

Jibanyan: Yeah, I’m – Wait – WHAT!? – You can…you can actually see me?!

Jibanyan: Do you know a girl named Amy?

Nate: Amy? I don’t think so. Who’s that?

Jibanyan: Oh. Well…she was my owner before I got turned into a Yo-Kai.

Jibanyan: When I was still a regular cat, I was hit by a truck. That was nyo fun at all.

Jibanyan: My owner, my beloved Amy….I can still hear her like it was yesterday.

Jibanayn: She said, “Hit by a truck?!”

Jibanyan: “…That’s so lame.”

Nate: That wasn’t very nice!

Jibanyan: Well, it’s my fault! I’m the one who went and got run over by that evil truck!

Jibanyan: Once I’m strong enough to take down a truck, I’m going to find Amy again!

Jibanyan: But….I seem to just keep getting hit. The other Yo-Kai always make fun of me.

Jibanyan: One of them even stole my only treasure…my one photo of Amy.

Nate: They took your picture from you!?

Jibanyan: Yeah. Maybe I really am just…lame.

Nate: Making fun of you and stealing your photo…? That’s so mean!

Whisper: Who took your photo?! Let me have a crack at them!

Nate: Yeah, we can get it back for you!

Nate: Do you know which Yo-Kai stole it? And where this Yo-Kai might be?

Jibanyan: Yeah…his gang usually hangs out right behind the Fish Place.

Jibanyan: I can’t even go over there anymore!

Nate: We’ll take care of it! Don’t you worry! You should just rest up for a bit.

Nate: Oh! What’s your name by the way? I’m Nate.

Jibanyan: I don’t remember any names from before other than Amy…

JIbanyan: The Yo-Kai call me Jibanyan though! I kinda like that!

Nate: Jibanyan! Go it!

Whisper: Let’s see if we can find a way to sneak into the back of the Fish Place.

Instructions: OK, let’s go look behind the Fish Place!

*IF Whisper Comments on Crossing the Road*
Whisper: Cross the road when the light is green. Comon sense!

Nate: So even Yo-Kai obey traffic rules?

Whisper: Good things happen to good kids who follow good rules!

*Go into back of Fish Place*

Nate: Kinda sketchy back here….

Whisper: Yo-Kai just love lurking around dark and desolate places like this!

Whisper: These areas should be especially good for training against tougher Yo-Kai!

Whisper: But they don’t hide in areas like this…if they see you, they’ll come after you!

Whisper: These Yo-Kai filled areas will keep you busy…so you can’t access your diary.

Whisper: Have fun!

*Interact with Roughraff*

Nate: Hey, there’s the picture!

Roughraff: And justa….hwo is youze punks suppose’ta be?

Nate: You’ve got Jibanyan’s photo there! We’re here to get it back!

Roughraff: That little meow meow done went and got him some tough friends, eh?

Nate: Look, just give me that photo, OK? It’s really important to him.

Roughraff: Hehehe. I ain’t givin’ up dis pic! Y’hear me? Not widdout no fight!

Whisper: Get ready, Nate!

*After the fight*

Roughraff: You jerks! This kinda stuff is gunna drive me to hooliganism!

Instructions: Ok, so we obtained the photo of Amy. Let’s head back to Jibanyan.

Whisper: Hooliganism? Isn’t he a hooligan already? He smells like a hooligan…

Nate: I don’t think he can be more of a troublemaker than he already is.

Whisper: Anyway, let’s take this picture of Amy back to Jibanyan!

Nate: Sounds good!

Det Holdit: Hold It! I saw what you did!

Nate: Yeah? What’d you think?

Det Holdit: You just defeated a wanted Yo-Kai! One of the most wanted Yo-Crooks!

Nate: A wanted Yo-Kai?! Does that mean you can see Yo-Kai too?

Det Holdit: Of course I can! I’m not running around trying to arrest air here!

Det Holdit: Roughraff over there was wanted on one count of disorderly pompadour!

Nate: I didn’t think his har was disorderly at all. I kinda liked it!

Det Holdit: Yeah? Well, your follicles look like they might be a little rowdy there too, kid.

Det Holdit: Hrm. That actually might work. You ever think about going undercover, kid?

Det Holdit: Good! Then it’s decided. I’m deputizing you as an official Yo-Kai investigator!

Nate: Do I get a hat like yours?

Det. Holdit: Absolutely Not!

Det. Holdit: But you do get the satisfaction of wiping out Yo-Crime in the city!

Det. Holdit: I see the flames of justice burning in your eyes…So you’ll do it, right?!

Nate: Sure! Why not?

Whisper: Of course we’ll do it! We’d be delighted!

Nate: I can’t wait to help out!

Det. Holdit: Ah, the vigor of youth. You sound like me, when I had hope. You’ll do great!

Det. Holdit: Just remember – the peace of this fair city rests in your young hands.

Det. Holdit: If you need me, I’ll be not loitering over by the Lambert Post Office.

Instructions: Yo-Kai that have commited a crime are called Yo-Criminals.

Instructions: Don’t let bad Yo-Kai escape! Catch suspicious Yo-Kai when you see them!

Instructions: Catch them three times to get a secret password!

Instructions: Use a password at the second post-office window in Uptown Springdale.

Instructions: Ask Det. Holdit about the deadline for catching specific criminals.

Instructions: Det. Holdit can be found beside the Lambert Post Office hanging out.

Instructions: Talking to him will allow you to take on all sorts of Yo-Criminal Quests!

Instructions: Completing these quests successfully will reward you with an item!

*Walk back to Jibanyan*

Nate: I believe this is yours!

Instructions: So we gave the photo of Amy to Jibanyan!

Jibanyan: I can’t believe it! How did you do that?!

Nate: Well, it wouldn’t be right to just let something so important stay stolen!

Jibanyan: *sniff sniff* Th-thank you! This means so much to me….

Jibanyan: But I couldn’t even get that photo back by myself. *sigh* I really am just…

Nate: Look, you’re not lame, OK? So just, y’know…get over it. Or something.

Nate: I think you’re pretty awesome, actually.

Nate: I mean, you’re trying to fight trucks so you can impress a girl!

Nate: I’d never do anything like that!

Jibanyan: *Sob Sob* Oh, thank you, Nate….Thank you so much!

Nate: Keep up the good work, Jibanyan! I’ll be cheering you on!

Jibanyan: Thank you again! I just know I’m gonna beat up a truck someday!

Jibanyan: By the way, we’re friends nyaow! You can call me whenever!

Instructions: So we’ve befriended Jibanyan. Got to get him into the party asap!

Whisper: There’s that strong aura I felt earlier! This is promising.

Whisper: It would appear that my instincts were right on the money!

Whisper: ….even if he wasn’t able to beat that truck. All trucks should beware!

Whisper: Nate, I think it’s time, let’s head home and battle Dismarelda!

Nate: Sure, I’m feeling much more confident now that we have our strong friends!

Instructions: The Six medals you select determine which Yo-Kai will battle with you.

Instructions: See Eyepo in Everymart if you want to swap your Yo-Kai Medals.

Instructions: Or go home to your room and check the Yo-Kai Medallium to swap them.

Instructions: Once you have a few medals to hoose from, think about placement!

Instructions: Go to the Menu and select Yo-Kai Medal to change the order of your meals!

Instructions: Put the same tribes next t each other for benefits during a battle!

Instructions: This is called Unity! Unities with three Yo-Kai are stronger than with two!

Instructions: Think about unity to place Yo-Kai to your advantage in battle.

*Return Home*

Nate: Um….Ms. Dismarelda?

Nate: I’m guessing you’re not planning on leaving anytime soon, right?

Dismarelda: Oh no no no no no no no, my dahling. I most certainly don’t feel like leaving.

Dismarelda: I’m really quite taken with this place….and your parents are so entertaining!

Whisper: Well, that went about as expected. We need to work on your negotiating skills.

Whisper: Time to attack! Let’s call out Jibanyan!

*Cutscene Starts*

Nate: Come on out, my friend!

Nate: Calling Jibanyan!

Nate: Yo-Kai Medal, do your thing!

Jibanyan: M-make sure the ceiling’s higher nyext time you call me…

*Cutscene Ends*

Nate: Jibanyan, are you OK?

Jibanyan: Yeah. Great. Perfect. I can’t tell if I’m in pain or not…I think I’m numb.

Whisper: Let’s have Jibanyan fight Dismarelda!

Nate: Are you up for this?

Jibanyan: Yes, let me at the purble blob of….blobiness!

Dismarelda: Your words wound me, dahling. But luckily I can’t even see my wounds.

*Fight Starts*

Instructions: Some Yo-Kai will Inspirit your Yo-Kai and give them a hard time.

Instructions: Once you are inspirited, you won’t be able to fight as usual!

Instructions: If your Yo-Kai is inspirited, turn the Yo-Kai Wheel to take it out of battle…

Instructions: …Then prufity it! Control the battle by purifying at the right times!

Instructions: Upon success, the Yo-Kai will return to normal and can receive EXP.

*After Fight*

Dismarelda: Oh my…I seem to have overstayed my welcome. And you’ve mussed me up.

Nate: Wow. That was…not easy!

Whisper: We got another Yo-Kai incoming!

??? – Aha! Ma Cherie! Zis is where you ‘ave been!

Nate: Where?! Who said that?!

??? – Zis fighting – it ees no good!

??? – My words – zey were…too much. Pleae, pardonnez-moi, ma Cherie…

Dismarelda: Oooh, my sweet Happierre! I’m so sorry I stormed out like that, dahling!

Whisper: It seems that these two Yo-Kai are…married, maybe?

Nate: Yo-Kai get married too?!

Happierre: Haha, I’m afraid my wife ‘as been…. ‘ow, do you say? A noosance.

Dismarelda: I was so jealous of how happy those two were, I had to inspirit them.

Dismarelda: So sorry, dawhling… Please take this gift of friendship to make up for it.

*After getting the Medal*

Dismarelda: Call me anytime, dawhling!

Nate: Uh…thank you, I will.

Dismarelda: Well now, I’d love to stay and chat my little dahlings, but I must away!

Happierre: Oui! We ‘ave some making up to do! Au revoir!

Whisper: Well, I’m glad they managed to patch things up with each other.

Whisper: It looks like your parents stopped fighting too!

Dad: I’m sorry for yelling – I was just tired, you didn’t deserve that.

Mom: I’m sorry too. I just wanted you to understand what I was saying.

Dad: Of course I can help with the chores more often. Just tell me what to do.

Mom: That’s great – thank you! And if it becomes too much, just let me know!

Whisper: Your parents are so lovey dovey! No wonder Dismarelda got jealous!

Nate: I’m glad things are back to normal with them. But I don’t need to see all this.

Mom: Who are you talking to over there, Nate?

Nate: Uh, nothing! Nobody! I mean…nobody. I was talking to nobody!

Dad: Alright, I’m making dinner tonight!

Mom: Why don’t we all cook together? Go wash your hands, Nate.

Nate: Will do!

*End of Chapter 2*

Instructions: You can now use the Crank-a-Kai. It is in front of the Sacred Tree on Mount Wildwood.


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