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Yo-Kai Watch Translation Project: Chapter One

Here we are, checking out the first chapter of Yo-Kai Watch on Nintendo Switch. While there is a translation patch you can put onto your Switch to make all the Japanese, English, it does require you to hack your Nintendo Switch unit which many folks are not willing to do, me included. So with a small team – Gladiator, Alexis, and Kirie – we were able to transcribe all the English from the 3DS version, get it typed up into word, so that I could read it during the Episodes.


That means that throughout the entire game, you will enjoy every line of story text translated into English, and we will copy all that translation down below incase you also want to play yourself! So please enjoy Episode one below, and all the translated text as well!

Chapter 1.

That day in the forest was the day everything changed.

*Enter Name – NATE *

Eddie: Ta-Daaaa

Katie: Whoaaaaa…those are awesome!

Nate: Did you catch all of those yourself?

Eddie: Pretty Rad, huh? Yeah, we’ve got a forest out behind our vacation home.

Eddie: There are a TON of bugs there, literally. I’m always finding rare ones back there.

Bear: I caught most of ‘em though! Eddie got squeamish a couple times.

Bear: Hey, Nate, you’re collecting bugs for your summer project too, right?

Nate: Yeah. I’m having a little trouble getting motivated is all…

Bear: You haven’t even started, have you? I bet you don’t got a single bug yet!

Bear: I bet you end up pulling legs off a spider and sayin’ it’s some rare insect!

Bear & Eddie: Bwahahahahah!

Katie: Come on. Leave him alone, Bear. Nate is just pacing himself.

Nate: Yeah, and besides, I’ve already caught some. A bunch, as a matter of fact!

Bear: OK then, prove it.

Eddie: Yeah, where are these bunches and bunches of bugs ya got?

Nate: Well, I don’t have them WITH me. If I had them on me, I’d show you! Duh.

Bear: Yeah? Bring ‘em next time. I’d like to see your bucket of dried-up fruit flies.

Eddie: Let us know when we can see your “collection,” Nate.

*Eddie and Bear walk off*

*Nate heads home*

Nate: Mom? I’m ho-oooome!

Nate: I’ll show those guys! I’m gonna catch a ton of super-rare bugs! Right. Now!

Instructions: Ok’s so we’ve obtained a bug net. Time to get to work.

Nate: Wait! But where am I gonna find a bunch of super-rare bugs…?

Nate: “Hmm…Maybe I’ll try looking for them back at the park.

Nate: Yeah! There’s gotta be some there! I’ll just let Mom know before I go…

Instructions: Ok, so we can move around with the left stick. To run, hold the B Button while moving! Talk to your mom on the first floor! Ok so off to talk to mom downstairs.

Nate: Hey, Mom, I’m gonna go catch some bugs at the park!

Mom: Ok, then, But don’t stay our too late!

Nate: Got it!

Mom: Oh, Nate, did you remember to do your summer diary entry?

Nate: Um…yeah! Of Course!

Mom: You’ll forget what you’ve done this summer if you don’t write it all down!

Nate: Will do! Promise!

Mom: All right then, have fun!

Instructions: Select Diary from the menu to save your progress.

Instructions: Don’t forget to use your diary often to save your game.

Instructions: Find some bugs at Triangle Park!

Nate: All right! Let’s hit the park! Time to show some bugs who’s boss!

Instructions: Find your objective on the map!

Nate: I bet Eddie just got his bugs here in the park anyways.

Nate: There’s gotta be some rare bugs around here. I’ll keep my eyes peeled!

Instructions: The Magnifying Glass will appear when you approach a tree in the park. See if you can find any rare bugs!

*Checks Tree in the Park behind girl on the bench*

Nate: Ooh. I see one…

Nate: That bug is as good as gotten!

Instructions: Enter Watch Mode by examining a spot where you can see the Magnifying Glass

Instructions: Line up the lens with the bug you want, and time your catch just right.

*Check other trees*

Nate: OK, I think I got everything here.

Nate: Got some bugs…but no rare ones.

Nate: Whoa! One of those bugs was glowing! That was cool!

Nate: Now let’s see….if I were a rare bug, where would I hang out?

Nate: I know who might know!

Nate: The School janitor is always talking about his crazy bug collection!

Nate: I’ll go ask him!

Instructions: Ok talk to the school janitor.

Janitor: Hey there, Nate.

Janitor: I heard some of the kids talking….Sounds like you might need some help.

Janitor: I was thinking about some good places to find rare bugs for your collection…

Janitor: You should check out Mount Wildwood. You’ll find some good stuff there.

Janitor: And here, take these. My secret little pro tip for catching bugs.

*Obtained Black Syrup: 3!*

Janitor: If you head north, you’ll run into the forest that leads to Mount Wildwood.

Janitor: Just don’t get yourself lost going too far up that mountain, OK?

Instructions: Ok, look for bugs on Mount Wildwood. Let’s go!

*Enter Mount Wildwood*

Nate: Wow, look at all these trees! I can practically smell the bugs.

Nate: I bet all the good bugs like to hang out in the deep woods past the sanctuary.

*Enter back of forest*

Nate: This forest is great! It almost feels….kinda magical!

Nate: Looks like it’s the end of the line for me, though. That’s OK.

Nate: Let’s see what kinds of bugs we can find around here.

Instructions: OK let’s look for bugs on nearby trees.

Nate: Lot’s of bugs around here, but noting rare.

Nate: Whaaaaat? Where did the gate go!!

Nate: Well…I guess it wouldn’t hurt to sneak a little deeper into the woods!

Nate: Might be some great bugs in there!

Nate: Hmmm, if I were a rare bug, where would I be?

Nate: Whoa! Look at that tree!

Nate: Hm? What’s this doing here?

Mysteries Voice: Feed Me….Feed meeeeee….

Nate: Whoa-What? Wo was that? Who said that?

Mysteries Voice: Feed me…. Feed meeeeee…. Feed me right now!

Nate: Wh-where’s that coming from?

Nate: So it wants me to feed it a coin?

Whisper: Hellow! My name is Whisper.

Whisper: I am a Yo-Kai. Pleased to meet you. Charmed!

Nate: Wha-what are you supposed to be?!

Whisper: I am a Yo-Kai!

Nate: You’re a Yo-what?

Whisper: A Yo-Kai! Did I stutter? I’m a Yo-Kai! Do you not know what that is?!

Whisper: Oh, you kids! Why I remember that day 190 years ago like it was yesterday…

Whisper: A monk was convinced I was some sort of evil spirit and sealed me into a rock!

Whisper: Oh, the Yo-Manity! It’s 190 years! Can you imagine it? That’s 19 decades!

Whisper: That’s 2,280 months! That’s 9,880 Weeks! That’s 69,397 days! That’s…

Nate: OK! I get it already…

Nate: (To himself) I think I should just leave…slowly and quietly. Don’t break eye contact…

Whisper: The last 99,930,310 minutes passed by just like THAT! We Yo-Kai

Whisper: HEY! Where are you going?!

Nate (To himself) Ulp! He noticed! I knew I shouldn’t have broken eye contact!

Whisper: At least let me finish my story before you try to sneak off!

Nate: Sorry, Whisper – it’s just that I’m really busy catching bugs right now, so I…

Whisper: Ohohoh, bugs eh? Why settle for boring old bugs, may I ask?

Nate: What do you mean? Bugs aren’t boring….are they?

Whisper: Would you be interested in searching for some Yo-Kai instead?

Nate: Searching for Yo-Kai? You mean there’s more….thingies like you?!

Whisper: Put aside the bug net, and try out this precious little beauty instead!

Instructions: Obtained Yo-Kai Watch!

Nate: Whoa! Cool, what is this?

Whisper: This is the Yo-Kai Watch! Wearing it makes the impossible…possible!

Whisper: You use this watch to see other Yo-Kai!

Nate: Wait, wait, wait! What if I don’t want to see them?!

Nate: Look. I appreciate it, but….I was really just interested in finding some bugs.

Whisper: Oh, come now! Don’t be so lazy! Try some adventure! Some excitement!

Nate: What was that?!

Whisper: Oho, the Yo-Kai Watch is reacting! There must be another Yo-Kai nearby!

Whisper: I’m getting some odd sensations from the tree over there. Let’s take a look!

Instructions: Press up on the D Pad to switch your watch to radar mode.

Instructions: See if you can use the Yo-Kai Radar to find Yo-Kai!

Instructions: The radar will show you how close you are to the hidden Yo-Kai.

Instructions: Te radar will also show the rank of the hidden Yo-Kai.

Instructions: Examine the areas where the needle picks up hidden Yo-Kai.

Instructions: OK, so time to use our lens and scan the area!

Nate: I don’t see anything here.

Whisper: Of course you don’t!

Whisper: You are trying to see with your eyes….not your wrist!

Whisper: See that button on the side? Push it!

Nate: Whoa! The bubble popped open!

Whisper: That’s no bubble, my friend. That’s a Yo-Kai Lens!

Whisper: If you just take a look through that beauty, you’ll be able to see Yo-Kai!

Whisper: Now, let’s go ahead and take a look at your lens in action!

Instructions: Line up the lens with a hidden Yo-Kai to start analyzing it.

Instructions: The gauge around the lens will fill up when you uncover the Yo-Kai.

Instructions: Keep the lens on the fleeing Yo-Kai until the gauge is full.

Instructions: Ok so we feel a Yo-Kais aura nearby! Let’s see if we can catch this little bugger!

Instructions: We found a Bahu! Time to talk to it!

Nate: So this is another Yo-Kai?

Buhu: I was having such a nice nap, and you had to go and wake me up…poor me.

Buhu: I guess I have to, uh….get revenge on you now or something. *Sigh*

Whisper: I think we may have made it upset. It might be getting ready to attack you.

Nate: Wait-What?! So what should I do?

Whisper: Simple! Just call forth the rest of your Yo-Kai friends!

Nate: Great idea! I’ll just…Wait – I don’t have any Yo-Kai frends!

Whisper: That’s a little rude to your cicada friend you caught there…

Nate: Aaaaaahhh! It’s glowing! The cicada is glowing! What do I doo?!

Nate: Whuuuuuut?! That cicada just…it just….what did it just do!?

Cadin: I am Cadin. I am a Yo-Kai that dons the lowly disguise of a mere cicada.

Cadin: Noble Nate, my heart was abuzz as I witnessed thy bug catching.

Nate: Uh….thanks, I guess?

Cadin: To see, able Nate, I offer this: my Yo-Kai Medal!

Nate: Yo-Kai Medal?

Whisper: Your first Yo-Kai medal! Congratulations we are definitely in order!

Cadin: This medal is a symbol of our songworthy friendship!

Cadin: If thou art ever in need, use that medal to call upon me!

Cadin: I shall be by thy side faster than a chirping cricket on a bullet train.

Nate: Uh…Ok. Thanks!

Instructions: OK, so we have befriended Cadin! Nice.

Instructions: Give Cadin a name that can be sent via StreetPass and local play? Yes please, want to give these Japanese Yo-Kai their English names!

Buhu: I guess you just went and forgot about poor old me, then, huh?

Nate: OH, right! You wanted to fight! I’m, uh….sorry? I guess….?

Cadin: Have at thee, feathered fiend! Thou shall note I do not hold back!

Buhu: Oh, come on! Don’t make this hard on me! Can’t you just…y’know, quit?

Whisper: Nate, it’s time for your first battle! Good luck!

Instructions: Your Yo-Kai will fight on it’s own, even if you don’t do anything!

Instructions: But if you want to help, select Soultimate to do Soultimate Charge!

Instructions: Follow the instructions to fill up your Yo-Kai’s soul meter.

Instructions: and unleash your Soultimate Move on the enemy Yo-Kai!

*After Battle*

Nate: You really shouldn’t just attack people for no good reason, you know.

Buhu: I know….but now that I lost, what do you want? Are you gonna grill me or fry me?

Nate: Gross, I don’t think I want to do either.

Buhu: Are you gonna make me ask for forgiveness, then?

Nate: Well, we really should be asking you. We’re the oens who woke you up.

Buhu *sigh* I guess I’m suppose to give you my medal, then.

Whisper: Another medal! Double congratulations!

Whisper: The more Yo-Kai friends you make, the more Yo-Kai Medals you’ll get!

Whisper: If you place them in this very handy book, you should be all set!

Instructions: Great, so we obtained the Yo-Kai medallium for all our medals!

Cadin: As expected! A fine performance from a strong performer. Top notch!

Cadin: And with that, I shall depart. Farewell. Until we meet again, Nate.

Buhu: I guess I’ll go too, then. I’ll see you next time you want to distrupt me…

Nate: Did I just…become friends with those Yo-Kai?

Instructions: You can see which Yo-Kai you’ve befriended in your Medallium.

Instructions: It contains information about each Yo-Kai you’ve collected.

Instructions: Te last pages of the Yo-Kai medallium are the Legends Pages.

Instructions: Collect the eigth medals on a page to cause a nifty little surprise to happen!

Whisper: So how’s that? Think you understand Yo-Kai a little better now?

Nate: It’s hard to actually believe that Yo-Kai actually exist in the first palce.

Whisper: Ohohohohoh. I understand, but Yo-Kai are hiding everywhere in the city you see! Live over there! And over there! So you see…? There are Yo-Kai all around you hidden in plain sight! You may not be able to se them. But they are everywhere!

Whisper: So let’s take that Yo-Kai Watch and start using it to make you some Yo-Kai friends! OK?

*Walking Home*

Nate: So, um…why exactly are you following me home?

Whisper: So it’s easy for me to make sure I’ll always be there for you!

Nate: Well, that’s nice, but….you’re making me feel like Little Bo Peep or something.

Whisper: I’lll awlays be there for ewe.

Whisper: If you ever need to know anything, absolutely anything, just ask me!

Whisper: It’s my job to make certain you are well taken care of.

Nate: Why do I need to be taken care of? What’s wrong with me?

Whisper: Nonesense! Look at you! You’re just a young kid aimlessly wandering about.

Whisper: Without my support, how would you ever have made friends with any Yo-Kai?

Nate: Well, sure, I guess that’s true, but…

Nate: Why is it important that I do that?

Whisper: OK, Glad we’re on the same page! Let’s go inside so I can see my new home!

Nate: Right, well…OK, but you can only stay for a little bit. (To Himself) Mom is gonna flip…



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