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Sony DDOS Attacks affect Single Player, Simple Fix Found


If you planned on playing a single player game this weekend, something like Metro Redux, you’ve probably found that you’re not able to thanks to the DDOS attacks on Sony. Loading will lead you to a black screen. Thankfully, a simple fix has been found that’ll mean you won’t have to worry about that bothersome block any longer.

[sociallocker]While exact details on which games this has had an effect on are hard to come by, it appears that anything that tries to use PSN as it opens will crash as soon as it tries to connect. Metro is one of those games, refusing to load before even getting to the menu. You’re not given any information for why this is happening and, if you’d not heard about the downtime you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a problem with your download/disk. Don’t even think about deleting though. Instead, head towards your settings.

Select network when you get into your settings menu, then remove the tick from the box that says “connect to the internet.” It’s as simple as that. Forcing your Sony console to not even try to connect will give you access to your unavailable single player games, and remove that pesky black screen. 

Sony’s network is apparently almost back up, but in the mean time, or in the future, use this nifty trick to get around what seems to be a fairly poor design problem.



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