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Miitopia Review-in-Progress Part 2: Spending Time At the Inn

Yesterday, we took at look at the rpg gameplay of Miitopia. And now today, in part 2 of our review-in-progress, we’ll take a look at one of the things that makes Miitopia a sim. Here’s where things feel a little bit similar to Tomodachi Life and a little bit different too. Let’s visit the Inn!


Don’t worry too much if you start running low on health in the dungeons and levels of Miitopia. At the end of every level there is always an Inn. And sometimes, you’ll even stop to camp. And while the camping has its charms, its really the Inn that you’ll want to spend a bit of time at.

The Inn in Miitopia reminds me a little of the apartment building from Tomodachi Life. At the Inn, you can check in on your party, give them money to buy stuff, and feed them. That’s where the similarities to Tomodachi Life end though. You can’t change the look of the Inn rooms, which look boring compared to Tomodachi’s rooms, and while you can give each character their own room, you really should put two characters in a room together.

In our look at the rpg gameplay of Miitopia yesterday, we also looked at the different personalities in the game and how that changed battles. But out of battle, the personalities are just as important! At the Inn, characters can bond with each other (as long as they are in the same room) and will often talk, exchange gifts, etc. This is also where they’ll often make up from fights they had in battle.

The things you’ll see at the Inn are mostly goofy. Thankfully there are little icons over your Miis that tell you if a Mii needs food, money, or wants to talk with another Mii. So you’ll have a good idea when the goofiness is coming up!

Unfortunately, there is a bit of repetition at the Inn and you may see the same scene more than once. This is also a problem while traveling to the Inn and sometimes in battle too.

Tomodachi Life had a bit of repetition, but Miitopia has it in spades. This repetition isn’t a deal breaker, there is so much to do and see in Miitopia, though I wish there was less repeating of certain scenes and dialogue.

But the interactions at the Inn are not the only thing you’ll find at the Inn. Its also important that you take the time to feed your Miis. This isn’t because they are hungry, like Tomodachi, instead the food in this game builds up their stats out of battle. You’ll also find two mini-games at the Inn!

The mini-games at the Inn are simple, but kind of fun. I especially enjoy the rock, paper, scissors game. I’m not very good at it! Still, I enjoy that game even when I lose. The other game, a roulette wheel, is even simpler than the first game. Though, to play either game you’ll need Game Tickets. These tickets can be found randomly in chests all around Miitopia’s world, plus you’ll get some from answering survey questions from Nintendo!

Overall, the Inn is just as important as the battles or the time you spend traveling. You should definitely take your time at the Inns and make sure you’re Miis are taken care of before going back out. I do wish the Inns were a little more like the apartment rooms in Tomodachi Life, but I still like them a lot. The sim elements in Miitopia are really good. Yes, Miitopia is more of an rpg than a sim game, although those relationships are super important. Mind your Miis!

Tomorrow we’ll take look at the traveling time between levels, Inns, and towns. What is traveling between these places like? Is it boring, is it exciting, or is it meh? Stay tuned!


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